MORE new toys
  • well recently, thanksgiving night i sat in front of circuit city from 7pm to 5 am to get 400 off of my new hp laptop, thats first, and yesterday i so bought myself an 80 gig ps3!! my bank account is in pain!!
  • 80 gig i though only went up to 60gig or is that justr in uk?
  • said:
    80 gig i though only went up to 60gig or is that justr in uk?

    We are pretty much going to just have the 40 and the 80gig ones. They faded out the 20 and are working on fading out the 60gig versions to cut down production cost.
  • ok now get this, i went to my works christmas party, and they had a drawing for a 32" lcd hdtv, i just happen to be the only one that doesnt drink that works there, so they had the drawing while i was fueling a plane, and wene i walked in everybody was like you won the tv!, and i was like quit joking around, and i sat down for ten minutes before i realized i actually did win the tv!
    oh and i was wondering what good games are out for ps3?? i have oblivion. lair, and of course motor storm, and i went to go buy assasins creed today, and i forgot my id so they wouldnt let me buy it.
  • gutted mate, everyone slaggin off that lair but i though it looked pretty funky what do yuo wreckon ?
  • i wish i could return lair. but i did get assassins creed which is pretty kick tail