the simpsons game need help
  • ok iv don all the missions on this game but

    -i cant leave the house
    -i cant change my cloves
    -i cant get near the closet to change may cloves its like there is a invisible wall there

    -the bottle cap behind the man in the bath on bart man bigins is not there
    -i cant get to the place were the bottle cap is supposed to be at all
    and in the same mission the robobart weppon is not there and niver is the glass next to it
    -for som reson i never fight alians in the last lvl
    -and in the last lvl i couldnot be all of the family only bart and lisa

    and finaly how do i do the timed missions theres no button for it in the main menu
  • Is it simpson the game or simpsons hit & run
  • its The Simpsons Game

    i dont have hit n' run