• I just got edea and im on my way to Esthar. Im at the Great Salt Lake, and im not really sure what to do. Help me out Punkbuddy please.
  • If it's directions you need I got 'em.
  • This is how to defeat Abadon easily:
    Abadon is a undead monster right! use any recovery material to him. The most effective attack to that monster is to use the command "Recover" only if you have, this would at least damage 9999 to that monster. If you don't have the command recover try giving it a potion or a Hi-potion. But this is just a waste of money, giving potion to your enemy.

    hope this helps:smile:

  • You could also try phonex downs, they sometimes cause one hit kills, but very rarly.
  • And try not to level up Edea more often cuz you wont be handling her too long.
  • Yea beat him and done all that...now what?
  • All you see there is just like a desert right? well you have a very good view there, but there's leak on that view, you will see that your view there is like a big T.V. just a fake t hide Esthar. To get to Esthar you have to climb up a ladder, but you can't see it. To see the ladder go to the jammed view area and press the action button. And there you are, the most beautiful place Esthar.
  • Ok thanks squall worked like a charm.
  • Sure, anytime moragog17 :biggrin:

    Ask me again if you're stuck ok! :)
  • actually i find trying at least 3 times to use full life cuz it works every now and again if not hit him with elixer or x potion thats all no biggy :2spin: