• :mad: hi im playing haven call of the king .How do you beat the pirate galleon .I have been on this a week .PLEASE SOMEONE HELP
  • Once you take out the initial run of torpedoes concentrate your fire on each of the lower guns until they are destroyed. When this happens a pair of guns higher up will start firing missiles- hit the guns as much as you can. The galleon will start turning so you may not get these destroyed on the first go- there will be chances to finish the job later.

    Each side of the galleon has 6 small hatches that fire cannon balls, two larger hatches with heli-bombs and the big door with the skull symbol. target the hatches when they are open to take out the guns behind them. The cannon balls and heli-bombs can be taken out with one or two shots- conserve power for the hatches themselves.

    Once you take out all of the hatches on one side of the ship some tiny ships and missiles will be heading your way- you may need to look around to find them. If you come upon a lull in the firing this usually means more missiles heading your way. The number of waves of this depends on how well you have done destroying the galleon itself- expect more waves the closer you got to finishing it.

    The skull doors fire a missile that arcs away from the ship and turns to track toward you. You will also have to contend with the 4 aft gun hatches and another skull- emblazoned door on the stern. Take them out the same way you did the sides.

    Finally you are left with 2 cannon hatches and the aft skull door. The door will spit out some mines and the cannons will open fire at the same time. You have a few seconds before the mines reach you so use that to target the cannons before ridding yourself of the mines. Save your fire when everything closes- you won't be doing any damage.