• what do you do when on the second disc, the battle with the galarian guard your game freezes .i've tried about ten times and the game freezes every time.

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  • Do you mean Beatrix? well if you do bring it to someone. Cause i have no clue. try checking for the plugs or the disk to see if there are any scratches. that happened to me but it still woks though. i tonly happened cause i was borrowing my friends gameshark and the codes freezed it up.
  • As i always say. Bring it to a game shop and get them to examine it with their fancy tools
  • you won't believe it! i was in cleyra and the game froze while fighting beatrix! what a coincedence ! lucky for me i saved the game before so i just did it again. it worked and i played through it. i guess i was playing for to long. i dunno. :)
  • When i play a game and it freezes, i just get a tissue and wet it. OPEN THE PSX WITHOUT TURNING IT OFF.
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  • I havent had that happen to me is it the playstation that does that or is it the game???????:cool:
  • what you should do whenever the game freezes on any multiple disc RPG games is,when it freezes open the PS lid without turning off the PS.now put in any other disc belonging to the game(if the game freezes in disc one put in disc 2,3,or 4).

    I hope this solves your problom!
  • i have a suggestion... dont use a game shark. the game doesnt work right in someplaces if u forget to use it EACH and EVERy time lol