PS3 Wired connection help
  • Sorry, i looked around but couldnt find what i needed. I have a PS3, a 40gig one. I'm using an ethernet cable from the back of my ps3 to my PC. I do not have a router, or a modem with ports for ethernet cables, the cable is plugged directly into my PC's network card.

    This is all done more or less the way i connect to xbox live.

    Origonally when i tried to do things automaticly on the internet connection wizard on the ps3 it doesnt find an ip and times out, and in manual i put in a heap of different numbers and i got as far as it getting an ip but i keep getting error during communication with server DNS error, code 80710102, no matter what i put in as the DNS servers, and i have these numbers.

    Ive been everywhere for help and info in what to do, including Sony themselves and they wont help, becasue they say its helping the competition... So no presssure in helping me get my ps3 online and many thanks for whatever outcome i get.

    Im running vista on my pc.
  • What you'll need to do in your current set up is have internet connection sharing enabled on your computer- it will then act as the gateway for your PS3 onto the web. This page from Microsoft's site should help you out. Once you have this going try doing your PS3's settings as all automatic.