• I was doing the UFO Quest recently and eventually got to fight Pupu at the place where Balamb Garden used to be.I totally forgot to put the Item command in my Battle Commands and that meant I couldnt give him the Elixers.I thought if I escaped and put the Item command back in I could fight him again, but once I escaped I couldn't find him again.Can anyone tell me if you can find him again somewhere else or whether its impossible?????
  • I think that pupu is a one time only monster (ever played pokemon? those 1 time only things are like him) I suggest that when you go on quests like this create a separte data for it. If things dont go your way then hit the resest and try again!
  • if you cant find him then try resetting to where you last saved then fight him again thats the only thing I can reccomend
  • Thanks, but I don't think I'll reset it now.Not after getting 10,000,000gil, getting the Lionhart, getting all abilties and everyone on level100.As you can see I was very stupid to not save the game after getting such achievments, so I don't think under any circumstances would I reset it after getting all that!

    BTW, I'm now at Ultemicias Castle and I can't cross the Chandelier to get to the 7th Boss.Every time I try I keep falling down.How do you cross it???? ???
  • Okay send your weak party over to where you fall down and put them on the party switch thingy, Then go back into the room and walk across. After you defeat the monster head down to where you fell and go down into the cellar to fight another boss. Oh and I would advie you to use the ability you use the most as it is neccisary to go pass all that stuff.
  • Thanx Mengsk, I've completed the game now.Thanx for the help,c'ya around :thumbsup:
  • wow i think i learned something knew