I need help! how to get the final weapons
  • i know how to get squalls final weapon yippi skippi but i dont know how to get the final final weapons for everyone else. well bye
  • Irvines final weapon is the Exeter:
  • hey thanks is it possible that you could get dino bones in the training center well thanks and bye
  • If you go into the Training Centre and go to the screen where the T-Rexaur always turns up you can fight him and get Dino Bones.You could also change him into a card and then card-modify him, but your chances are better at just finishing him off! :thumbsup:
  • is it true that you could get dragon fangs in the training centre
  • Nope :nono: Only dino Bones and sleep powders are available at the training Center.

    Mostly I get my Dragon Skins on Island closest to hell, Grendels' drop them.

    Or if you haven't aquired ragnarok yet, you can get them at Forest-Obel lake, or some thing like that, its near timber, might be the biggest forest around there. You'll encounter anacondur somewhere in the middle
  • ok thanks fer the help if i need help i wont hesitate to ask