• Note: My english is so bad, I hope you can understand.:confused:

    I have an old PS2 which worked fine the first 2 years. The first problem came when I turned off the console... then I remembered I had some things to do in the game I was playing, so I turned on again (I think I pressed the power button again while the "sleep" proccess was going, I mean, the green led was still on). It turned on but there were grey diagonal lines on the screen, and there was a high frecuency sound... so I turned off again. I unplugged the power cord and plugged it again, but the lines were still there. I thought my PS2 was fried, so, after several tries I decided to let it rest in peace.:redface:

    Some days later I turned it on again and everything was fine again :o but that issue was still happening, not too often though... Now, every time I turn off, and turn on again the console, the grey lines appears... I must wait about 10-15 minutes in order to use it again usually.

    Now, I remember those days when this started, I dropped my controller over the console (DS2), the console froze, I restarted it and everything appeared to be fine, but no, there is no vibration in the controllers (I tested them in other consoles an there are fine) and now the console can't read PSOne memory cards (a PSOne Memory Card was inserted when this happened). I checked the controller mini board inside the console with a magnifier trying to find any broken line I could patch, just... a "physical exam", but the board was intact, also the ribbon cable was ok.

    So there are three issues, I'm ok with that, as long as I don't turn on the console, I don't mind to have no vibration and I don't play PSOne games anymore... but I'd like to know if these issues can be solved. Thank you for reading. :D
  • I can't say with any degree of certainty here (haven't had much experience with the actual circuit boards myself) but it is possible something loosened with the impact the controller made. You may want to check around the entire motherboard and see what you can find, if anything.