• Just wanted to know where are all the timber maniacs and what do you get for reading all of them.
  • good question.
  • I remember having a whole load of info on the magazines in FFVIII but I can't find it right now.When I do I'll post it here.I think it was about where you can get them and stuff :erm:
  • here's what i know:
    1.Balamb station/hotel(its the same mag its just whatever one you find 1st
    2.timber hotel(its in the stay-room)
    3.timber maniacs office (u can also get "girl next door" in the corridor dont sell it giv it 2 zone)
    4.dollet pub-upstairs.
    5.dollet hotel(u have 2 stay here 2)
    6.deling city hotel(in the room)
    7.FH hotel-upstairs
    8.FH artisans house (the one just off the railway tracks)
    9.trabia garden back of cemetery
    10.white SeeD ship (on the bridge left of the helm)
    11.orphanage (on the floor in the main room)
    12.centra ruins (no magazine just visit the location)

    The magazine are read without u seein the content but when u get to t-garden access the computer and youll see selphies files on the screen, selphie will stop you from seein them but from now on in b-garden at the study panel on the garden festival page go to sir laguna's page and now you can read all about his adventures!!