Closed citys (disc 4)
  • Why can't we enter the Citys on disc 4 is it because we are in the future? Why are DeepSea Deposit Center, Tear's Point ,Odin's place and Trabia Mountain open?
    Why are these open,is there something to do?
    Why aren't the other open Why is Trabia Garden Destroyed in the Future?
  • Your topic asks why are they closed but then you ask why are they open in your post. Which of the two did you want to know? I crwhy it was that Trabia Garden was destroyed but if i recollect i think it tells you in the storyline or by talking with citizens of the garden. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • What is the quickest way to kill tonberries.
    They take too long to kill
  • Tonberrys? Oh, simply find the magic aura, on the islands of Heaven or Hell, and cast it on Squall if he may have the Lionheart, or, whoever your next person with the best limits are. The same thing for Cactuar, cast aura on Squall and go nuts! And to answer your multidiversed question about the cities, they won't open anymore since you're at the end and, Ultimecia is being a **bleep**. But the places that are opened are for you to get GF's and special places, ya know? I hope this helps.
  • ...That's not what I asked I just want to WHY!!?? I know that the places that are open are to get GFs... so If have a prediction say it here..