Online Gaming problems
  • hi, i am trying to get onto online, i have set up the configuration and all is well with the playstation but i have to connect through my computer as our router is 2 floors below. I have a ethernet NIC in my computer which my ps2 is connected into and a wireless card which connects to the hub/router downstairs. I have managed to brige the two connections but the only way i can connect to online is to dissable the ps2 connection until the ps2 is trying to connect other wise it doesnt reckonise there is anything connected to it. This does work but it is alot of work to connect and doesnt always work first time. I was wondering if there is a simpler way of connecting that will connect automatically everytime.

    thanks in advanced

  • Something you may want to look into is the Linksys Wireless Gaming Adapter- this will plug into your PS2's ethernet jack and let it connect to the router wirelessly, eliminating the need of running the cable between your computer and the PS2. They should be available wherever you shop for games or have a look online.