PSP getting slower
  • Hello guys....

    i was hoping anybody can help me out...

    My PSP was just bought like 4 hours ago...
    my problem started when i hit the "select" key

    got this prompt on the screen which is like the one that you have when you try to adjust your monitor for a desktop PC...

    the prompt says;
    M33 VSH Menu
    CPU Clock XMB 20/10
    CPU Clock Game Default
    USB Device Memory Stick
    UMD ISO Mode M33 Driver
    ISO Video Mount NONE

    im not sure if i changed some settings because i pressed some of the arrow buttons to navigate...

    right now my PSP froze if I try to access some games and its very very slow to nagivate...

    please help me out...i badly need to fix the issue and i havent enjoyed much my PSP

  • This is very unusual- the only way I could see this possibly happening is if that PSP was used for some homebrew and that is part of it. I've hit the select button on mine (no homebrew) and nothing happens. Did you buy this new at retail or used from someone?
  • this is my first psp unit
    im not sure if my psp uses homembrew because i dont know how to check it.:)

    i bought this psp on a local retail store.

    i bet the unit came from china,korea,singapore or japan for the instructions doesnt have english for me to understand it.

    but with the help from a couple of friends.
    they got it fixed.hopefully its for permanent already.

    "M33 VSH Menu"
    "CPU Clock XMB 20/10"
    "CPU Clock Game Default"
    "USB Device Memory Stick"
    "UMD ISO Mode M33 Driver"
    "ISO Video Mount NONE"

    the slowness was caused by CPU Clock..
    we set it to highest config and its back to original speed
    CPU Clock Game was set to highest config also and its back again to playing my beloved PSP...

    thanks for answering my thread...i really appreciate it...:D
  • Yep, sounds like you got an imported unit that got a bit of changes made to it. Good to hear you and your friends sorted things out.
  • I have the same problem with my psp......
    How to fix it, how to configure the CPU clock to normal???
    Thx b4......
  • Your problem is the custom firmware. We do not support or endorse the use of this due to the potential problems like you are having (not to mention the possibility of "bricking" your system if the revised coding is sloppy). I'm afraid we will be of no help to you.