• Here's the info about the alien encounters. You should find that this helps you. The best thing that you can do is to use Diablos' encounter none as the aliens will still be encountered. While exploring certain areas, you may have been surprised to encounter a UFO. That's right! Aliens have invaded the world of FFVIII and you have to track them down. You can spot the UFO in four places shown on this map. Travel to the highlighted area and walk around until you enter a battle with no enemies. The UFO will appear in the distance, carrying an object, and then it will fly away. You can speed up your search by equipping Diablos' Enc-None ability. Although seeing the UFO is considered an encounter, you can still find the UFO with the ability on.

    Encounter #1: Winhill Bluffs Cow

    Encounter #2: Many Beach, south of Timber Moa Head Statue

    Encounter #3: Kashkabald Desert, located on an island on the east side of the Centra Ruins Pyramid

    Encounter #4: Trabia Heath Peninsula Island, east of Trabia Garden Strange Symbol

    After encountering the UFo in all four locations, pilot the Ragnarok to the plateau just north of Grandidi Forest's Chocobo Forest. After walking around on this plateau, you'll encounter the UFO again; however, this time it's up close and personal. After defeating it, watch if fly off into the background. You will receive an Aegis Amulet for winning this battle. Note: Before moving onward, you should equip one of your characters with the Item command. IN addition, you should have five Elixirs in your inventory. Now return to Balamb and explore the area where Balamb Garden was once positioned (Alcauld Plains). Here you'll encounter the alien known as PuPu. The alien will ask you for an Elixir. Use an Elixir on the Alien, and it will continue to ask you for more Elixirs. Give the PuPu a total of five Elixirs and it will give you the PuPu card. you can fight the alien if you want to win an Accelerator, however, giving the PuPu Elixirs is the only way to get its one-of-a-kind card. I'm having a brain freeze and can't think of what greens are used for but there is *no* fight with Ultima Weapon.

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  • Wha??? NO fight, but that card said Ultima Weapon and you get 1 ultima stone from it. Oh and thanks for the help on the UFO thing. Plus, I found this BIG hole in the ground near Trabia and I try to ride garden over it but Nida says tha gauges are reacting or something but from what I've read could it be the strange symbol. Thanks man.
  • First i want to apologize for falsified information and second i'd like to giv e you the great news that you can fight Ultima Weapon. I would like to let you know that you must go to the deep sea research center that is in the southwest corner of the world map. You then must make your way through the labrinth that is the tower and when you get down to the bottom, you'll meet your guy, errr.. monster. I'm not going to give you anymore info unless you're completely stupified with the labrinth which at some times is next to impossible and you decide to ask for more help. I'm drawing a blank with the Trabia thing. I vaguely remember it but i don't want to give any false info again so i'm going to have to say, i don't know. Well, i hope you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I know what it is. It is a whole were the city of centra was before the lunar cry destroyed it. If you want to know what the lunar cry is too bad I dont want to be the one that spoils it for you. But if you really want to know PM me:wink:
  • the Gysahl Greens are really not very useful, but it's cool to see what they do at least once.