Seabass Fishing 2
  • I am desperately looking for a Playstation 1 game about fishing named SEABASS FISHING 2

    I can't find it in the stores or in internet too. Can you help me ?

    Thank you very much and I wait from you.
  • I'm afraid this one may be nigh- impossible to find. I did a check on eBay (normally a place where one can find just about anything) and was only able to see two instances of the game- however, they were both Japanese versions for the Sega Saturn.
  • Zeta

    You are correct it did indeed exist heres the info that may help you do a better search

    Seabass Fishing 2 (Import Version)
    Developer: Victor Interactive Software Inc.
    Distributor: A Wave Inc.
    1 Player
    Game Type: Fishing sim

    Here is some better info for you

    SeaBass Fishing 2 1997-09-25 Victor SLPS-00992 NTSC-J

    Type in SLPS 00992 in a google search

    Hope this helps you out