Genuine Sony 16,32,64 MB Memory cards
  • I just did a search on ebay and I'm seeing what appears to be Genuine
    Sony 16MB, 32 MB and 64 MB Memory cards. They appear to be be authentic
    because not only do they have the Sony Logo but also the Playstation2 Logo
    and Yellow packaging, just like the 8MB.
    When I do a Google search no one else has them. Are they just realeased?
    I'm aware of many different after market memory cards with larger memory
    sizes for Ps2 (some even try to fool you with the yellow packaging but no
    sony logos) some obviously are more reliable then others.
    Does anyone know about these and do you think they are Genuine Sony.
    Maybee they have been available in other parts of the world and new in the
  • Those cards would definitely not be made by Sony. They never did make cards larger than the standard 8 MB.
  • i have a 64 mb card. it says nothing about sony or ps2 on it. it says MAX MEMORY 64 mb memory card. it works fine
  • Enjoy that while it hasts, mhagen. Those third party made cards are pretty bad quality-wise, considering the people making them had to guess somewhat on how the systems do their game saves.