• in dollet after your being chased by the robot if u were to run into the item shop do u really jump out the and into the ocean....and then be able to swim and climb moutians?.....
  • Haven't heard of that one. You might want to try the Final Fantasy forum on this site that PunkBuddy moderates.
  • I'm willing to bet this is another baseless tip you picked up somewhere.
  • i highly doubt thats true. would be pretty cool though. it would save you the truoble of having to get a good chocobo.
  • hi mAd KoRn KiD, that's a load of bull.
  • By running in to the shop you'll also miss the FMV sequence of Squall running to the boat and Quistis mincing the XATM-092 with her big gun!!
    hmmm big guns......
  • yeah, but I have found that now matter how many times you kill that stupid thing it doesnt die!!!!! Very frustrating
  • With all to respect DL,you are wrong.
    If you have good GF levels and they know the Boost skill (Especially Quasacullt-he's electric(and I can't spell his name) you can attack will skill,strenth and coordination.
    Try this battle plan and you should win.But I advise that you attack on the screen before the screen with the boat so if you have only about 1 minute left you can run to the boat without game over.

    Once your GF know Boost you can increase their attack power by:
    When you have summoned the GF hold down select and a finger should appear over the square button and a number percentage on the screen,the number is the percentage is of the attacks maximum attack power percentage(250%,it starts as 75%),while holding select you must keep on pressing square but you must be careful not to press square when the red X is over them.If you press S when the X is there then the percentage will go back to 75%.
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  • i found that little trick with the select button but never knew what it did until now, i did notice however that when you do that it mess up your screen like the boxes of text change color and look all funky and hard to read, at least on mine it did and i couldnt fix it until i restarted tha game.
  • oh have you beat that robot??? it really
    sucks! on my game no matter what, hes always
    getting up! but i think CD is right! someone told me
    before that it can be killed but i didnt believe
  • Zidane48, XATM-092 can be killed.
  • i've heard if you jump out of the item shop you will learn to swim i have tried it it doesn work but when you are running down even further you will see a bunch of other cd's running out of a shop of some short if you go in there you will find that the robot will keep goin down the ally and you dont half to worry about running into the scrap load of robot thing any more well there you go and bye