connecting my ps3 to internet using a wired connection
  • I just got a ps3 last night the 40 gb version and I am trying to connect it to the internet through my cable modem via eternet wire and whats happening is when I get to ip adress setup it says "the attempt to obtain ip address has timed out" what the heck does this mean do i need to buy a router or what? Please Help!
  • It's usually the router.
    It means something's wrong with the router or ISP
  • You do not necessarily have to buy a router but it does simplify things y not having to switch the ethernet cable around every time you want either the PS3 or the computer online.

    Try powering down the modem for a few seconds and then plug it in again. It maybe still had to "let go" of the IP address that was given to your computer before you made the switch.
  • what about if im using a cable modem and i plug the ethernet cable into the ps3 instead of my computer and the internet connection fails?
  • Same solution as above applies, 3nibebo. :)