I am seriously stuck
  • I am stuck on the part where on the 2nd disc you go to the town of balamb and u need to find the captain but i cant find him anywhere and the man behind the car sleeping says he is with a fishing rod at the end of the harbour but i cant find him!
    Please Help Urgently!!!!!!!!!
  • [i][b]There is a hidden reporter you can find near the dock. The reporter is hiding underneath the vehicle closest to the screen. You have to pay him for the clues though.

    Another way is to wait around 15 or so minutes and don't do anything, you can approach the hotel and the captain will be back from his patrol. You can talk to the dog on the dock and it will lead you back to the hotel.

    The last way to find him is to use the clues. After finding Ma Dincht and speaking with the guards at the hotel, you can start your search. Follow the clues in this order:
    1. The Dock
    2. Zell's House
    3. Train Station
    4. The Dock
    5. Train Station
    6. The Hotel

  • First you go in then you talk to the soldiers then you go to the dock and talk to them then you talk to the soldiers again then you go to zells house then you go to the dock again then follow the dog to find the captain then he will go to the commmander then you fight the commander and captain(dont forget to draw Pandamonum)(spelling) hope that helped:)
    EDIT-Thanks Mengsk:)

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  • Well just brosing through, but DL I'm correcting you here you don't get levithan (spelling?) you get him from NORG. You get Pandomium (spelling?) fro the captian. Oh, don't forget to get Bio from NORG after his defeat(it's a drw point)