Uncharted - Drakes Fortune
  • help,

    iv reached the monarchy now, were there are 4 Statues, North East South And West,(west is O on th floor?) basicly what do i do, iv turned them against the the globe clock(dont kno what it is called) and nothing, changed them to different angle's still nothing :frown:

    can you help me with that part please, been stuck there for around 30min, and i just cant figure it out


  • Turn the angel so that she is facing North. The goat statue should face South. The lion should face West and the bird statue goes East. This will open a hidden passageway.
  • I am new to the gaming indurstry. However I love the game Uncharted. I am on level On The Trail Of The Treasure. I have beaten all the bad guys and have no idea where to go? Any help would be greatly appricated.....
  • After the first skirmish with the pirates in the balcony area go through the doorway and jump over the gap to a ledge ahead. You'll have another gap to jump over and then head through the door here. Before going through, however, go along the balcony walkway to Nate's left- you should find a treasure along the edge of the gap to his right.
  • need help im at the level #6 i think on the trail of the tresaure and im in this garden open plase but dont know were to go i have walked all around and i can"t find were to go
  • "On the Trail of the Treasure" is actually chapter 15 of the story, not level 6. Can you give some detail as to what you did last to pin down where you are exactly?