tomb raider anniversary
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    'I have entered the main room and have disloged and evaded the ball that runs down.the
    ball crashes thro the floor and is supposedto dissloge a ceiling weight that lara can then finish off with her
    pistols this is not happening.'
  • Sounds like the Atlas statue to me. Once the globe from the statue falls through the floor rotate the crank again and move across the walkway to the other side. You should now be able to head up the ramp to get some shotgun ammo and the Key of Atlas. Head back down the ramp and to the left you should see the globe damaged the pillar somewhat, letting you climb up. Jump and grab the side of the walkway here to get a small medipack.
  • In actual fact, I have entered the tomb of qualopec.The weight hangs from the cieling and has to be partialy disloged by the ball that rolls down from the opposite corridor.
  • Ok, now i know where you are. You are actually going about this area wrong.

    Once the boulder goes through and those gates come down you have to make your way to three switches. The boulder dislodged some wooden platforms you can move around down beow to get in pace to jump to the corridors leading to them.