Sign in trouble, please help
  • i had my account set up to sign in automatically. today, for no apparent reason that i can find, it no longer accepts my password. i thought for sure i remembered it even though i had only typed it in once, but it will not accept it. i went to the forgot your password link, and it does not accept my security answer. i have only had so many pets in my life, and yet none of their names suffice. what can i do
  • You may have to call Sony themselves and try to have them help you out. If it turns out they cannot do anything try some variations on your password (maybe you have a zero instead of an o someplace?). If all else fails you may have to set up a new account using a different e-mail address as a temporary fix until you get things figured out on the other ID.
  • not what i was hoping to hear, but thank you very much for your fast and helpful response. i read on other forums that other people have been having similar problems the last couple days, so i was hoping it was a widespread thing, but maybe thats just wishful thinking.