Help me kill Edel.
  • I have been stuck on her for 2 year,does anyone have an easy way to kill her?
  • O Adel I remember her. The easy way to kill her is to use lionhart a couple times if you dont have lionhart you had better be at a high level and a lot of cures:) If you dont have lionhart just crank out the GF's and always keep one person open for curing:)
  • Am I able to use a hero an Rinoa?
  • two years!!!! well nobody can say you arent persistant :)
  • no you are not you can use heros but not rinoa in fact dont use lionhart I forgot about rinoa. You have to heal both you and her while fighting thats why you should use attacks and magic that only hit her. Sorry about my earlier thread it was completely wrong.:)
  • You must be careful not hit Rinoa as that could spell the end of the game for you. As long as you only attack Adel and continually heal Rinoa, you should be able to destroy him.
  • oops yeah i was wrong too, no gf's no gf's i forgot about rinoa, i casted regan on her and constantly had one person healing her, and used mainly squall's limit break attacks and had irvine(or whoever) using triple magic spells(dont use meteor or ultima) i didnt have the lionheart at that time and his finishing moves wouldnt damage her too bad because of her regan and the constant curaga's i had coming her way, just constantly keep Rinoa healed, make that your #1 priority and you shouldnt have a problem
  • I'm probably thinking of the wrong part of the game as I have only started the 3rd disc but I found casting sleep on Adel was the best was to fight her.

    In edit mode folks... made a mistake as I haven't played the game for 6months.. It was Adea I used the sleep spells on, not Adel :biggrin:

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  • Heh two years that's about the same amount it took me! I defeated her by casting Bahamut and using kamazi on her. two hit and it was over!
  • Your Gfs must be real strong.
  • Hey is edel the last boss or one of the last boses?:confused:?
  • Edel is the one who falls down from space duing the Lunar Cry.
  • actually the funniest thing i found that works is to cast protect on rinoa to reduse the damege doen both to her and the energy drawn off her from adel and secondly.. i woulda started playin somethin else if i couldnt figure ou how to win by now lol any way use protect and use irvines limit break stock up on that pulse ammo ur gonna need it also the most powerful ammos that dont hit more than one enemy that u fire. another good one to use is to use zell cuz believe it or not most of his limit break moves except my final heaven and the one u start with dont it multiple characters so limit like hell with him. if possible regress all the way back to ur original gunblade and all u will do is rough divide that only hits one enemy then renzokuken like a mad man and use irvine or zell to heal every now and again. ;)
  • I just attcked with Squall not using his limitbreak 'cuz I thought that it will damege Rinoa 'cuz my Squall's hit is 9999!!! I used Zell's limitbreak and Quisti's Gatling Gun!!! :thumbsup:
  • The best way was to use Aura on squall and use his limit breaks on Adel and keep healing Rinoa with Recover
  • The best way is to use squall to heal her and use aura for his limit break, junction kamikaze on your other two characters (that is if you have cactuar and use a bomb spirit on a different GF) and boom she's finished easy as pie!!!