• i've found something interesting and would like to know if anyone else knows about this.
  • i too have that happened, but i think all he gives you is mythril and the bolt ring. I forgot the number, but ill try do get it. Oh, and 366 isn't an odd number it might be, but i haven't studied math or added anything in a long time.

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  • hey heres one for you guys....i was able to get not one but two mythril's off that guy...dont ask me how but its true..
  • If you keep going beck with different battle totals you can get multiple mithrils, but it doesn't really do anything for you.
  • ok...cool. thanks punk buddy....so is there anything else worth it other than mythril and a bolt ring?
  • That guy sure does love to sleep. The bolt ring and mythril is basically it.
  • ya know what there is a way to ressurect aeris but the only problem is she is under the name aerith.... dont ask me why but i jes think that is wierd and i have heard that there r several ways to acquire sephiroth on ur team. if i can confim this ill let ya know
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