I got this game co-operative once, never again. :S
  • I rented a game called The Bouncer for Playstation 2 from blockbuster ages and ages ago. However without thinking about it me and my brother did nothing special that i remember, but we got to play 2 player co-operative (E.G able to play single player story mode, with me controlling one character my brother controlling another) (i don't mean versus mode lol) we could choose what character but obviously not the same as each other.

    I had the saved game of that time ages ago still saved to my memory card but i eventually deleted the saved game.

    One day i found The Bouncer in a shop for a low price, so i bought it. It's quite an old game but it's very odd because me and my brother have tried absolutely everything to work out how to get it on to 2 player co-operative. Nowadays anytime i look anywhere people would think im stupid and say "That game can't go multiplayer co-operative" when infact me and my brother managed to complete the game together in the 2-3 days we had it rented from blockbuster... :S

    Anyone able to help me understand what the problem is, it would be appreciated.
  • You must have stumbled upon some way of doing it way back then that the developers decided not to go with in the final product- the game was all single player for the story mode normally. All i can suggest is do some experimentation with pushing certain buttons (maybe start on both controllers at the same time, as an example).
  • hmm well thanks for that idea, i didnt think of that lol. but is there anything else you can maybe suggest? such as, a way in which i can get a hold of the "old version" of the game that has the co-operative part or what to look for... or even perhaps where i might need to go to get it. I would have no idea how to tell the difference between buying the "latest version" and a "version" from back then lol if im in a shop. any help is appreciated thanks :D
  • There is no "older" version, every copy made is exactly the same. The final release did not have 2 player co-op and, to be honest, the game did quite poorly sales-wise. As i said, the only way that could have happened is if you somehow stumbled onto a code press of some sort. I've done some looking around, however, and nothing is said anywhere about it being possible.
  • I read at wikipedia about This Game

    It says there (Under the game cover picture at mode(s)) that there IS a multiplayer mode, just doesn't say where, look in your game manual. It should tell you there
    :D Hope this helps
  • You'll note, shaddow, they only mention the multiplayer for the arena mode, not in the main story mode. Wikipedia is sometimes not the best source to go by- too easy for someone to put up BS in an article about something.