APi LiveChat Tip
  • Ever since I became a member here and have gone into chat, I have noticed that almost 90% of the time, another member's name will be there. Yes, sometimes I actually have about a 10 minute, one sided conversation. I'm sure this has happend to more than just myself. Or the name will quickly blink out soon after I enter. The other day, this happened when (again) Mel's name was there but she wasnt. I hit the refresh button and her name disappeared. Thats it.....thats the tip. Right after entering the room, hit the refresh button. This way you arent talking to youreself. ;)
  • that always happens to me
    exept when I arrange a meeting with someone
  • Why would you come in....say hi then leave?:huh:
  • no.....................
  • i say hi and no one answer........
  • That seems to be an ongoing glitch in the chat system- guess the flash chat app likes to hold onto names. Not much we can do about that right now but perhaps when/ if they update it that will be fixed.

    N.O.B., no one is answering because you most likely are the only one there.