Ps3 heating issues??
  • So now i'm on my third ps3...yet still having issues. So i thought to myself, every time when the ps3 gets real start to run a little slow and choppy. or to the point ps one games, especially ps2 games, and ps3 games will not read unless it's been cooled down.

    the question is where do you keep your ps3 in a home theater system box or outside in the open? does anyone notice the difference when the ps3 has more breathing space?? anyone else having problems besides me??
  • no,but you really need to keep it in a well ventelated area. dont put it in a confined space thats just asking for trouble, if you have no choice but to put it in a small space then unfortunatley you'll be taking a risk and i supose if you keep your gaming down to a couple of hours then turn the system off for an hour or so i sure that would help. Or even a plug in fan to keep the air circulating?
  • Keeping it in a home theatre system case, especially one with doors on it, would definitely make the system more prone to overheating. The main vent for letting out the warm air is on the right side (when the front faces you). If sitting flat in there the vent would be very close to a sidewall, making for reduced air flow. If at all possible keep the PS3 in an open area.
  • hmm that may be the source of all my problems. I've been testing, seems no difference. now i have been reading the reviews on the inter cooler for the's good and bad. would you recommend to get one? i've read good and bad about it.
  • I've read pretty much all bad about these- I would not recommend them
  • i have had my ps3 for a while and sometimes leave it on with a game on pause for days, it gets hot but no difference in gaming and no warning lights, all i do is keep it in a open space and keep it from getting dusty.

    maybe you should get one of those small drink cooler fridge things, and keep it in there ;)
  • get a plug in fan but not attached to your ps3 i mean just a fan you plug in to a socket that might help probably a bit noisey though