Final Fantasy 8 Doomtrain
  • Does anyone know how i can get doomtrain on ff9 without using an explorer or trying the ring, marlborough tentacles and steel pipes cos that one doesn't work or at least i can't get it to work!!!!?????? Pleeeeeaaaaassssse Heeeellllllppppp!!!!!!
  • Nope there is no other way besides getting the ring, 6 marbolo tentacles, 6 steel pipes, and 6 remedy +'s
  • I've got all of the items needed so what do i do with them cos even when i've got them i can't seem to do anything with them???
  • Shouldn't this be in the Final Fantasy 8 board? Well, anyways, there should be a location (can't remember the name right now) near that floating building or near the space station where you take off in the rocket. There is a statue there and when your right in front of it use the ring and you got DoomTrain.
  • not to be mean and change this but once you have all those just click on the ring anywhere in your item section and you'll get him. Congrats when you do :)
  • I'll put this in the FF9 forum.
  • Lyndon, just to let you know, Doomtrain is for FF8. It was accidental that FF9 was put in the topic name. Moved into FF8 forum.
  • madthr was doomtrain only found in was funny when i read the posting.(when zero cool ask how to get doomtrain in ff9 ).keep sratching my head.
  • Zerocool, did you get 6 Steel Pipes and 6 Malboro's Tentacles!!! ???
  • Here is what I have:

    Go to Tears' Point near Esthar and pick up the Solomon Ring.
  • gjc300, Will Doomtrain appear like Odin(Randonmly) or you can summon it? ??? ? ??? ? ??? ?
  • It is a normal summon.
  • Thanks gjc300 but I ve got Doomtrain a long time ago, but I didn't summon it. :2silly: :2stupid: