PS3 HD out of the box
  • Hey there,

    my parents have got my little bro a PS3 for xmas, and im confused as to how HD ready it is out of the box? We've got a 52" HD job by Philips, and wondering if its worth getting a HDMI cable for the PS3? it all depends what resolution the analogue leads included display at in our opinion.

    For instance, if the analogue lead displays a 720 resolution, we'll probably just stick with it, but if it only gives out the resolution at like 480 (or whatever it is!) then clearly on a bigger screen the HDMI lead is worth a punt?

    cheers guys, sorry for asking a question probably as old as the PS3 is itself! i just cant seem to find an answer for the average joe on the net! seriously, we'll put up with 720 for the time being if it means we dont have to trudge out into crimbo shopping again!!!

    all the best everyone, happy holidays!
  • The cables that come with the PS3 are just for standard (low- def) output. If you plan on going hi-def you will need to pick up either component or an HDMI cable. If your tv has the capability may as well go all out and get the HDMI for best performance.
  • HDMI is definitely the way to go. I got it and the picture is amazing.