Stuck at the Under water labratory.
  • I cant beat that dang red dragon. I tried 5 times and still I lost. He just does that irratating fire breath and hits about all my characters for 9999. WHat should I do.

    Also how do you get Bahumat there?
  • If the red dragon is doing fire damage, equip fire magic onto the armor slot so that you take less damage.

    Now if your in the room with the moving light here's what you do, when the light is not facing you, WALK 2 Steps!!! When it is on you stop until it is not glowing. You don't have to do this but this ensures that you do not get any random encounters. Once you reach the core you will get a message from Bahamut. Answer his questions correctly and he will fight you.
  • When I reach the glowing thing and talk to it it jsut says, "do you wish to fight me?" Or something like that and then I press talk button again and then I have to fight the dragon.

    Also I cant seem to junction my fire things on me for some weird reason. And im at level 100 with squall.
  • Here's what you answer:
    It's not our will to fight.
    3rd hidden option. "None of your business".

    After you do that Bahamut will fight you. Remember to use shell and protect and cast curaga from bahamut on your party if your HP is low. Make sure have you someone cast Aura on your members so that you can use Limit Breaks. Good Luck!
  • I dont understand.

    When I get there it only says:It's not our will to fight.
    Then I get in a fight with the dragon.
    Are you telling me after I beat him I will have more options? ???
  • Sorry I forgot to mention...sadly, after each question you will fight the Ruby dragon. Listen equip GFs that have the armor junction ability, because thats why the armor section is grayed out. Once you do that, equip fire 3 or Flare on each character so that the damage is 0 or absorbed. If its not possible equip Ice magic onto your weapon for maximum damage.
  • You have to fight the ruby dragon three times before you can fight Bahamut and aquire him. Always choose the last answer.

    If you really can't beat ruby dragon then do what I have done to him before. I casted level down about four of five time on him and his damage became less than a hundred and he will be pretty easy for you; however, the item you will aquire will be less precious.

    Good luck dude!
  • if you don't have the LV Down ability yet, it helps a lot to cast Protect on your party members.