Playstation 3 network quesiton
  • Okay heres my problem, I bought a playstation 3 and when i got it back i was setting up everything but i didnt want to mess around with the playstation network, my friend who also has a ps3 has his set up and offered to do mine. He put in my email adress but he put in a random password and didnt put in my date of birth. He kept it on save email save password so im able to get onto the ps network but now i want to get the remote play on my psp and for it to be compatible with my ps3. But it wants the playstation network password and i dont know it and when i go to forgot password it wants my date of birth and i dont know what my friend put in and neither does he because it was like 6 or 7 months ago. Is their any way i can solve this problem?????
  • Other than slapping your friend upside the head for setting up that way there isn't much you can do except maybe contacting Sony and see what they can do. Once you give them the details of how this mess got made they may say what your password is. Your only other alternative would be to set up a new account (using a different e-mail) and put in the details yourself.