Where're they now? (I've lost my MOM)
  • Ever wondered what happened to our former MOM's (hahaha)
    Rumour is, they were kidnaped and taken to "The Place"

    "The Place" is too gory, dark and evil place especially made for "MOM's"
    Necro BEWARE!
    All MOM's go there from all different websites....................
    Let's make a new game or something.

    I start e.g.

    The new MOM was taken to "The Place"
    The Grim was holding him tight.

    Then the next person continues...
    He managed to break free and fell down.
    He tried to run away.

    Just add what happens next.

    The Grim took our MOM and flew away with him tightly in his hands...
    They were reaching "The Place". Guards were everywhere
  • but a giraffe called colin got him and they went on an adventure to kenya where they met mike the mear cat and charlie the chimp the four went on to have many happy adventures together exploring the world and bringing peace to the world.
  • but evil doctor know-it-all is on the loose and captured them
  • (ok, what they hey? I'll join in...)

    [Meanwhile, back at APi headquarters...]

    Suddenly a distress signal was picked up...

    The APi Search and Rescue team was immediately sent out on recon, fronted by Lieutenants Melinda and Jane.

    {They can find a needle in the largest of Haystacks.}

    And thus the distress signal was answered immediately.
  • [Meanwhile in Iceland]

    Colonel Jay was in Iceland, he heard screams!

    He knew at first that there "4" were in trouble.

    He contacted lieutenants Mel & Jane for they were in The White
    House (What are they doing there?)

    "Help!! I'm in danger! Bring your strongest weapon! "The Pink Belt" Jay cried
  • Lt Jane was doing - ahem - favours for Jack Bauer and Mel was training the attack dogs when they got the call on their beepers....
  • it was jungle jim who lives in a bin who's quite good at playing his violin.
    He had a mission to find the lost golden monkey satue named ivavu, mel was on a mission............
  • but Lt J & M were already flying to Iceland, using their multi-purpose PS3s
    Suddenly, Jane heard a loud noise. They were being chased by Xbox360s and Wiis (What is a small system like a Wii doing there?)
    Bang! Mel was hit by flying Halo 3s. She was falling...
    Jane took a dive down with her PS3.........
  • then realised crap im not in iceland im in jamaica ........"WHAT?"
    there was bob marley who wanted all these halo games inexchange he would take you on a magical musical adventure. mel was happy to do this and called up the api crew and we went on a most brilliant adventure with bill and ted phone box as we borrowed it with the help of bob marley..........
  • But Bob Marley was Evil Doctor Know-it-all in disguise
  • "OH NO" I said running to the nearest tree i clambered up and guess what the chimps had the statue of ivavu, however the chimps where not on our side but where actually under the control of the Dr ............................
  • But Colonel Jay came to the rescue....
    He climbed up the tree like the monkey he is and put in a small GTA IV game in the chimpanzee's arse hair which was in it's arse... (:o Gory, I know:o)
    He saved sam and jumped out of the tree with him.
    The game exploded and the chimpanzee became a baboon... (haha)
  • shazam the baboon ran rampant the started humping surfers leg hahahhahahahahaha oh we all laughed the baboon got mad and began chasing us with the statue of ivavu but the greedy little monkeys had left bannana skins on the floor the baboon slipped and up in the air went the staue out of the corner of my eye Lyndon grabbed the statue then we all looked at the dr who for some unknown reason was riding a unicycle upsidedown with his hands playing a tambereen with his feet but then...................................................
  • It seemed he was transforming into a clown of mass destruction
  • Oh Sh*t............
  • His Greatest weapon was a guitar from Guitar Hero.
    Everytime he played it, he multiplied himself.

    Yes the correct sentence is...
    :o Oh Sh*t :o
  • its 50ft clown with a frown thats got a hat a funny shade of brown, he began to breakdance like mchammer and we all had a good time ,,,,stop , hammer time.
  • hahahaha........
  • (This is just 4 fun) ok ok
    That was a nice try
    But your rhymes are like a butterfly, they flutter by

    I'm never gonna stop, untill I'm dead
    like 2pac with a few holes in my head

    Dr know-it-all Just dissed fred... is he gonna take it?
  • <<looks between the two with a raised brow and snatches thier drugs away from them>>:eek:
  • ................Then The Doc took his guitar and it barely missed Colonel Jay's head but hit his behind turning it into a billion baboon arses...
    Luckily, shaddow had a flawless potion of which he drank before-hand to make him immune to everything endangering him
  • Just then Colonel Jay recieved a video message on his Portable Automatic Transfer device (PAT).
    The video message was a congratulations for "taking one for the team". He was immediately promoted to General and given access to brand new technological advancements, which included a Juiced up potion of the one just drank by Shaddow.
    Not only did this instantly cure any and all ailments that Jay had, but it also basically turned him into Superman.

    He replayed the end of the message just to make sure he'd heard it right:

    "This potion will also give you all of the benefits and abilities of Superman, without ANY of the weaknesses. You will, in all essence, be a God. Be careful though! The potions effects only work for a limited time. You will only be Immortal for 1 hour and then you must rest for 1 hour before transforming into your Immortal state again!"

    This warning slightly worried General Jay, but he had to take the chance as he needed to save Mel, find where Jane was, and also attempt to mount a rescue mission for the lost MOMs.

    He drank the potion straight away and had absolutely no adverse reactions to this change.

    Now that he was temporarily Immortal..."Where should I start?" he thought to himself...
  • Los que buscan una respuesta pudieron o no pudieron conseguirla....

    Do you know your spanish?
  • He went to PAT Third Echelon to find out more about his "superpowers".
    It has been said that a man with a billion baboon arses will come here seeking advice about his "superpowers" but will find out that it's void to him....
    He can only use them for 15 mins

    The only way to make his billion baboon arses vanish is to get a girlfriend and marry her (Has to be from APi)
  • Just then, General Jay exited the wisemans cave and immediately found out he had a video message.

    He retrieved the message and found that APi headquarters had discovered the original prophesy buried deep within the volcanic regions of the Hawaiian Islands.

    "Whatever you do, do NOT trust what that so called wiseman says. He wants the powers of the Super potion for himself. He works for the evil Dr. Know-It-All who is planning to use the formula for an entire army of Super Baboons.
    With this in mind, we have granted you access to the brand new Hyper Jet. We've pinpointed the exact location of Lieutenant Mel. we are, unfortunately, having trouble pinpointing the exact whereabouts of Lt. Jane.

    The coordinates have been donwloaded to your PAT.

    God Speed General.

    With that, a map of the Australian Golden Coast appeared. "Surfs up I guess," General Jay thought to himself.
    The Hyper Jet suddenly landed by itself. The General got in and away he went at an unbelievable speed, reaching that of Mach 4. He soon arrived at the continent of Australasia.
  • He met Worf there
  • Worf was intensely studying a large stone monolith which was inscribed with some sort of writing. He had discovered that the writing had some sort of message, although he was not exactly sure what. The cryptic message read...

    Οι άνθρωποι που ζουν στα σπίτια γυαλιού δεν πρέπει να ρίξουν τις

    Only a few understood the Ancient meaning...
  • Suddenly the General received a text message...

    "Happy New Year everyone. In order to successfully bestow you with the full powers of an Immortal, you must henceforth subject yourself to The Challenge of the Gods"

    This cryptic message completely stumped General Jay as he had no idea what it meant.
    "The Challenge of the Gods?" General Jay thought to himself, he was totally perplexed as to what that meant.

    He suddenly shouted out, "What on Earth is The Challenge of the Gods?!"

    With that small sentence, The Stone Monolith began to glow.
    Two smaller pillars, slightly offset from the larger Stone Monolith so that they made a perfect equilateral triangle if looked at from above, began to glow also.

    Suddenly a beam of light erupted from each one and a portal seemed to appear directly in the middle of this triangle.

    From within, General Jay heard a voice, "He who speaks of The Challenge of the Gods! Proceed unto the portals mouth, lest you take up thy challenge. Are you God Enough?"

    With that, General Jay entered the portal.

    Everything went momentarily black, then there was the brightest of lights.

    Once the light had dimmed down, the Generals eyes readjusted and he could see, what he knew from the APi History Database, was The Lost City of the Ancients...

  • [Meanwhile at APi headquarters]

    General Shaddow sir! We are under attack!

    What! We need all security systems activated....
    Nec, Steel, go to the "Big Guns".

    I'll call General Jay (My PA)

    [Shaddow Picks up his new MPTS (Multi Purpose Tracking system)]
    Jay, we are under attack! We are evacuating HQ....
    Luckily my MPTS still works....
    Looks like we're going diving

    [Shaddow recived a video call]

    General Shaddow. We've got bad news. General Jay has gone to Atlantis!

    Wait, but isn't that Dr Know-It-All's hideout?

    I'm afraid it is... You have got to help him!
    He thinks he's on a challenge of the gods...
    You two are destined to have Immortal Powers..
    The Real Challenge Of The Gods is up at Japan. Tell him that.

    Thanks.. Goodbye

    We've sent you a Multi Purpose Car... Goodbye
  • Gee shaddow, thanks so much for getting me blown up.;) This is a cute idea, I think I'll go ahead and take a whack at it.

    General Jay received the multi purpose car and immediately began driving through Atlantis's walls. The walls tumbled over very easily since they were so brittle from being underwater..

    Unfortunately Jay forgot that motors and water did not mix well and in the midst of his oceanic driving his car began to sputter and sink.
  • Melinda S STAFF said:
    Gee shaddow, thanks so much for getting me blown up.;)

    No problem ;)

    [Luckily, Shaddow was nearby and saw what was happening]

    Jay forgot to press the "Transform into fast submarine" button.

    Shaddow dashed into the lost city while transforming and saw Jay's car....

    "Jay, Jay, do you copy? It's me Shaddow." Shaddow said via video call.

    He put on his "suit" that let him breathe under water and dashed out..
    As he reached the car, he saw Jay unconscious in the car.

    He rescued Jay by dressing him in the "suit". He carried Jay to the sub.

    Jay woke up several hours later......

    Just then, a call came in..

    "We've got the exact location of Lt J&M.. They're 30km north of you.. Good Luck"
  • Shaddow was about to turn the multi purpose car around and head back through the portal to the coordinates of Lieutenants Mel and Jane, when General Jay put his hand on the cars palm scanner and overwrote all the controls.

    Suddenly Shaddown became tied in the car, unable to move...

    "As you can see, you cannot move Shaddow, there's no point trying. I need to go back..."

    "...back where?"

    "back to the city of Atlantis, I have to go after Dr. Know-It-All."

    "But you can't, you won't have any back up."

    "I am well aware of that fact, do you think I'm stupid? I have to go back though.
    Now I want you to follow these instructions to the letter, no arguments:

    1. You will go find Mel and Jane. You better make sure they are safe. You'll need their help later on.

    2. I have accessed the Ion Cannon Satellite from above. Right now it's relocating so that it is in syncronous orbit directly above Atlantis.
    When I give the signal, I want you to fire the Ionic Powered Cannon, instantaneously wiping Atlantis from the face of the Earth once and for all. It requires TWO High Ranking Access Codes in order for it to be fired, though, so I will give you my access code as one of them has to be mine.
    [I]Under no circumstances must you fire before I send the signal. I need time to get the shield down. Without my shutting down of the cities shield, the Ion Cannon won't be able to destroy the city; it just won't penetrate the shield.[/I]
    As you can obviously guess, there is no possible way for me to shut down the shield and then get out alive. Once the shield is shut down the ocean will start flooding the city almost instantaneously. The power core is in the centre of the city as well, don't ask me how I know this information, as I don't know myself, I just know that it's true.

    Remember, do NOT fire the cannon under any circumstances until I send you a signal saying that the shields are down.

    Well, I suppose I'll be seeing you in the next life sometime. Don't be too quick about joining me though, APi need somebody strong, and as they cannot have that, then you'll have to do. :laugh: Just messing man, take care of everyone! :)"

    With that General Jay activated his Personal Phase-Shift (PPS) device, instantaneously transporting him from the multi purpose car to the inside of the city.

    Once he had disappeared, the car turned itself around and headed directly for the portal. Once it exited the portal, General Shaddow could see out of the rear view mirror that the portal was closing, and then it vanished.

    The car headed directly for the coordinates programmed into it by General Jay. Shaddow knew he couldn't overwrite the systems so he just sat there patiently, waiting to arrive at the designated coordinates, where he knew that the car would then exit automated mode, release him from his binds, and grant full control back to him.
  • (We should send this to Hollywood, great blockbuster stuff)

    Shaddow was very pi$$ed at the idea but he knew what had to be done...

    As soon as he reached Imaginationland.the car unbound him.

    He took all his equipment and stepped out of his car...
    As soon as he stepped out, 8 guys with AK47s were surrounding Shaddow.

    But he was too fast for them because of his "suit". It had the ability to get whatever the wearer wanted.

    8 dead corpses lying around him. 5 of them got bullets in their mouths. The other 3's eyes were shot out.. Blood everywhere.

    General Shaddow heard screams.
    WHOOSH! Hee flew to the location using his car.

    Below was Lt Jane and Lt Melinda about to be executed...

    Brrrrr! Bullets everywhere! Shaddow shot the executors hands but it didn't help. He already shot.

    Luckily Shaddow's bullets helped by shooting his hands, he misguided the bullets to hit their legs instead of their heads.

    Shaddow jumped out of the car and shot at the remaining bad guys...
    Just as he was about to hit the ground..
  • (For some reason, I cannot continue the last post)

    FWOOSH!!! Out came the jetpack to soften his landing .
    He untied Lt Melinda and Lt Jane...

    The car arrived and out of it came two stretchers.
    Shaddow put them both on the stretchers. The car retracted it's stretchers and inside it healed both Melinda and Jane.

    "Mel, Jane we've got to hurry! Jay is about to do something crazy!
    Is there another entrance into Atlantis?"

    "Yeah, but it's in the Antarctic. Not north but south pole....
  • [Meanwhile, back at Atlantis]

    General Jay had gradually made his way through part of the city when he came upon a room which looked quite out of place compared to the rest of the city. As he entered it the room lit up with the familiar White Light he saw when he first got to Atlantis. Suddenly he turned to his right and saw what he could only describe as a kind of Angel. This woman had beautiful long locks of golden blonde hair. She wore a long white gown, not too dissimilar to that of a girls nightdress. She had the most beautiful white light surrounding her.

    "Welcome to Atlantis. Are you here to take The Challenge of the Gods?"

    "OK, cut the rubbish right now, I know there is no Challenge of the Gods here. You're some kind of holographic projection sent to me by the evil Dr. Know-It-All, I'm not going to fall for this Challenge of the Gods rubbish twice in one day."

    "Please forgive me. I did not mean to make you feel that way. I am one of the Atlantians, founders of this once great city.
    This is the way to The Challenge of the Gods.
    You see, Dr. Know-It-All completed the challenge. He wasn't supposed to be able to though. He somehow created a machine that allowed him to interfere with this cities lifeform scanners. Only a person with the purest of beings is supposed to be able to successfully complete this challenge; Dr. Know-It-All's machine somehow tricked the sensors into thinking he was pure of being.

    "Well if you're one of the Atlantians, then why didn't you stop him?"

    "We are banned from interfering in the lives of those on lower plains of existence to our own. If I had tried to interfere, the other Atlantians would have stopped me and banished me to this plain of existence."

    "Is this 'plain of existance' that bad? For a supposed higher being, you're quite stuck up."

    "I am sorry to project that image to you.
    Please will you complete The Challenge of the Gods? I know you are going to go up against Dr. Know-It-All, you cannot win as you are.

    "No, actually I'm going to wipe your precious city from existance, taking the good doctor with me and it."

    "But that will not work, he's a god now. Besides, you won't get far enough into the city to even attempt to take down the power core and lower the shield. The only way is The Challenge of the Gods!"

    "OK, OK! What do I have to do?"

    "The challenge consists of four stages. Each testing a part of your being. These are your heart, mind, body, and soul. The first stage tests your body, followed by your mind, your heart, and finally your soul."

    "OK, I'll do it. But can you at least give me a clue as to what I have to do for each stage. I mean come on, surely it's not cheating that much. The doctor DID use a machine to cheat afterall."

    "I am sorry. I have already helped you more than I should have. If I stay any longer then the other Atlantians will know I am helping you. They are already starting to get suspicious as to my current whereabouts. I must go. I will try to return to see how you are progressing. Good luck my hero."

    "Wait, where do I..."

    General Jay didn't get to finish the sentence before the Atlantian disappeared.

    "Where do I begin?"

    Suddenly there was another great white light, the room started spinning and General Jay felt himself being transported somewhere. When the room finally stopped spinning, and he managed to readjust his sight without throwing up, he noticed he was in a different room...

    "Welcome challenger, to The Path of the Body."

    "Well here goes nothing...", General Jay thought to himself.
  • Then Boom In A Puff Of Smoke You Where Doing Thriller With Mj Himself In The Video - Chomone Hee Hee, Damn, Thats Right

    Jay Looked To His Left And The Whole Api Crew Where Landing Down The Shapes, Oh What A Sight Tghen All Of A Sudden,
    Shazam !
  • (huh? What on Earth was that about? I didn't understand one bit. I'm so confused now :confused: I really am)
  • me too :confused:
  • (I think I'll just kind of bypass that last post, you don't mind do you? Very confusing it really was).
    (I apologise for the length of this by the way, but it had to be this long. Much shorter next time I promise).

    General Jay had just completed the third of the four trials...

    "So, time for the test of my soul I suppose..." Jay thought to himself.

    Once again another door was in front of him, as he walked up to the door, he once again heard the mysterious voice...

    "Congratulations on making it this far challenger, your final test awaits you. This is the most difficult of the four trials, prepare yourself for The Path of the Soul!"

    Jay entered through the door and once again there was a blinding flash of light as he felt himself being pulled far away, turning, forever turning, until he blacked out...

    He began to stir when he heard a voice...

    "Jay, Jay, are you ok?"

    He opened his eyes and replied, "I think I am, where am I?"

    "Don't you remember? Oh, you must have hit your head or something. The plane jerked when the co-pilot shot the pilot, you must have fallen and hit your head. You've luckily only been out for about a minute."

    Jay recognised the voice, but it couldn't be. Why would she be in his challenge? Why put him in a situation like this with the person he cared most about? He didn't want to look at her. He didn't want to know for definite that it was her.

    "Jay, why won't you look at me? Please look at me. Are you ok?"

    He reluctantly turned his head to have his worst fear confirmed, it WAS her. When he realised what was going on, that they were on a small plane, the pilot was dead, apparently shot by the co-pilot, and there was nobody to fly the plane, he almost screamed.

    He picked himself up and went to the cockpit. He looked at the controls, they'd been shot too, whether by accident or on purpose he did not know, but the plane was losing altitude fast!

    He tried his hardest to level out the plane, finally he managed to level it out but he knew it wouldn't be long before it started to freefall again.

    "There's hardly any fuel left, this plane is going down regardless. We've got to get out of here. Look for the parachutes while I try to get us a little higher, ok?"

    Jay stayed in the cockpit trying to regain a little altitude while she went for the parachutes.
    She quickly returned though, in a state of pure panic which stopped her from talking properly.


    Jay turned his head, "what it is?"
    He then saw why she was so panicked. She was only holding one parachute.

    "There's only one parachute, Jay."

    "Where are the other parachutes? Surely there should be more than one."

    "The co-pilot..."

    "What about him?"

    "He said something...something like "good luck. One of you will need it..." I didn't know what he meant at first, but he must've meant this. He only left us one parachute on purpose. I don't wanna die."

    Jay was speechless. How could someone do that? How could a person leave only one parachute, then it hit him. This was the test. He had to be willing to sacrifice his own life for the person he cared for the most in this world.
    He then thought this test was actually pretty easy.

    He talked calmly to her, "It's ok, you take the parachute. No arguments, ok? I'll try to find somewhere to land the plane, I'll be fine, ok?"

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, I'm sure. I'll meet you on the ground."

    After their goodbyes, he watched as she put on the parachute, exited the plane, and drifted downwards at high speed until he could just see the parachute open successfully. She was safe.

    "OK, I did it. I sacrificed myself. I'm done now. You can pull me back so I don't die."


    The plane suddenly began to lose altitude again. General Jay noticed that the fuel was completely used up.

    "OK! You've had your laugh, you can save me now."

    Again, nothing...

    The plane then started to nosedive. Jay started to get literally scared. He actually was getting really freaked out at this point.


    Still nothing...

    He finaly realised that nobody was going to save him. He must have got it wrong...

    "At least she's safe. Even if I do die, at least she's safe," General Jay thought to himself.

    The plane kept twisting and falling, falling and twisting.
    He resigned himself to death.

    "Well here goes. My time is apparently now," Jay said to himself.

    The plane was just about to hit the ground when there was a super bright white light once again.

    He was then pulled far, far away. All the way back to, he presumed, Atlantis.

    He landed with a loud THUMP. Once again, it took him a while to get his bearings again.

    "I tell you. If this carries on I'm going to end up throwing up, especially after that plane nose diving," he said out loud.

    "Do not worry my hero, that was the final test. You passed with flying colours."

    It was the female Atlantean again, but he could not see her.

    "OK, very funny. Passed with flying colours. I get it. Flying, flying colours. Hilarious. Where are you anyway?"

    "Come to the end of The Hall of Gods"

    Jay followed the long hall all the way to the end. Either side of the walkway there seemed to be a constant flow of water, almsot like the walkway was in the middle of a river. The walls shone a brilliant gold, with giant columns, all with, what Jay recognised as, Ancient Greek. He tried to read some, but he just couldn't understand what it all said.

    "This would take the guys back at APi an entire lifetime to translate, and even then there would still be some left," Jay thought to himself.

    He continued walking. He looked toward the ceiling, there was gold eveywhere, even on the ceiling. Giant windows all the way along the ceiling of this great hall allowed the most brilliant amount of light he had ever seen to shine down towards where he walked. It almost looked like the very sun itself shone a path for him to follow.

    On the floor there were the most brilliant paintings he had ever seen. Some of the pictures looked familiar. In one he saw what looked like The Minotaur, part bull - part man. Another showed Medusa, with her head of snakes, and a person opposite her, looking directly at her, half turned to stone. All the paintings, General Jay assumed, showed all of the Ancient Greek Myths.

    Finally he arrived at the end of the hall where there were giant statues of many different people. Suddenly the name of the hall meant so much to him, he understood who the people were...

    "The Hall of the Gods. These must be all of the Angient Greek Gods."

    The Atlantean female spoke once again, "You are correct. Well you are correct in the sense that they are who you think they are, but Gods is perhaps stretching the truth a bit too far."

    Jay looked around to see where the voice was coming from, he then looked upon one of the statues and noticed it had moved, he was sure he must have imagined it. Just as he was trying think logically, the statue began to move more obviously. It began to shrink. Smaller and smaller it got until it was the same height as an average sized human. The brilliant white marble began to glow, it began to gain colour, until it looked just like a human. Jay noticed it was the Atlantean.

    "You're a God?" He was truly shocked.

    "Not exactly. I ascended, I believe you called it, to another plain. These statues represent all of us who managed to successfully ascend. This statue in the middle was the Atlantean who managed to successfully ascend first. His name, you may recognise, is Zeus."

    "Zeus? As in the King of the Gods?"

    "No, as in the first Atlantean to successfully ascend." Jay noticed that the voice came from the statue. It was of a man sitting in a chair with a lightning bolt in his right hand, the classic pose that made Jay instantly realise that the statue was indeed that of Zeus.

    Suddenly the statue began to move. Zeus stood up and, as the female Atlantean did beforehand, the statue began to shrink until he was standing at about six and a half feet tall. The white marble began to glow and gradually gain colour until what looked like another human stood before General Jay.

    "Aphrodite, what have I told you about getting involved with people below our plain of existence? Do you forget what happened with the last human you tried to interact with?"

    "Yes, Zeus, I am sorry for that, but doctor know-it-all fooled even the sensors. Somehow he blocked what he was truly up to."

    Jay interrupted this converstation, "You're Aphrodite? You've got to be kidding me. Why didn't you tell me?"

    "I am sorry, I did not think it was worth mentioning."

    Zeus then interrupted, "What are you doing here? This is a sacred place."

    Aphrodite answered for General Jay, "He has completed The Challenge of the Gods. He is here to help us deal with doctor know-it-all."

    "And? What does he expect?"

    "I'm here to gain the true powers of an Immortal. Why go through the four trials if I'm not even going to get what I was promised? Speaking of which, what happened in that last trial? I thought I was actually going to die."

    Zeus spoke again, "Aphrodite, you may as well tell him everything. I know you want to. I shall leave it to you."

    Aphrodite then spoke up, "First of all, I apologise about the last trial. You had to unselfishly and willingly give up your life for the one you care the most for. The connection between your souls is unbreakable. Your souls intertwine through all of time. You were not saved at first, though, because you were too arrogant in your understanding of the task. Even though you were willing to die in order to save your soulmate, you were too arrogant about it and so your soul was not pure. Once you were willing to die when you realised you were not going to be saved, you genuinely were happy that your soulmate was saved. This then made your soul pure once more, and so you were saved."

    "I didn't realise. I agree though, I was arrogant. I was so happy when I realised what I had to do. I thought the task was far easier than it actually was. It was, in fact, the hardest of them all."

    Zeus interrupted, "The soul is a precious thing. It can be swayed by both good and bad emotions, but in the end it always reverts to its true state, in your case it was good."

    "OK, now that that is sorted, not to sound ungrateful or impatient, but could I please get these God powers? I need to help my people at APi and I need to take out Doctor Know-It-All."

    Zeus replied, "He does not know does he?"

    "What? What don't I know? Tell me!"

    "I am sorry. Time has passed by quite fast since you entered the trials. A whole month has passed by. The doctor, with the help of his Godly powers, has managed to take control of what you call Australasia, Asia, and half of Europe. Your friends at APi have tried to find a way here. You're headquarters managed to find our main command post. We had five altogether. We managed to disable all but one of them when we acended. The computers were set up to do this automatically, but there was some kind of error. One outpost remained active. The outpost in what you call the South Pole. We also had one in what you call London. By some coincidence your head quarters were built directly above that, our main outpost. Your friends uncovered it about two weeks ago. Only by connecting our systems to your own were they able to survive an aerial attack from the doctor. Your friends are now running the outposts shield and have managed to cover the whole of London with that shield. Unfortunately, that is far outside the recommended radius for the shield. The power core of the outpost is draining too fast. It will only last for another two months, perhaps three months, unless they shrink the shield, but they refuse. Three of your friends, I believe they are called Shaddow, Mel, and Jane, have headed to the outpost in Antartica. It is the only one that is connected to Atlantis."
    Turning to Zeus, "Please Zeus, you must endowe him with our powers. If it is left any longer, the doctor's forces will surely discover the outpost in Antartica and be able to get back here. He also needs more power cores for his forces. If he were to get to our stock of power cores, he would find our weapons and true technological advancements also. He would be near unstoppable with either, with both he will be able to take over this planet with ease."

    Zeus responded, "We are not to interfere. You have already interfered too much. However, if you were to grant him your own powers, that I cannot fight. You know what that would entail however."

    Jay interrupted again, "What would that entail? What would happen?"

    Aphrodite smiled, but jay could see right through it, to the sadness behind it. She responded, "I would become human. I would no longer be able to live on this plain of existence. I would also be blocked from ascending ever again."

    "You can't do it then. There must be another way."

    Before Jay could carry on, Aphrodite began to glow once more. Brighter and brighter she glowed, until a beam of light shot down from the sky, like she was being attacked by the very sun itself. The beam then shot forward from her to Jay. Jay suddenly felt something happening to him. He lifted up off of the floor along with Aphrodite, until there was another blinding flash of light. The brightest he had ever seen. He passed out.

    Time passed by...

    Jay began to stir again, he opened his eyes and looked at his watch. Three hours had passed by since that encounter. He was no longer in The Hall of the Gods. He was in a smaller building, and it felt very cold. Suddenly he saw Shaddow, Mel and Jane appear near the rooms entrance.

    He noticed a human female cowering in the corner of the room. It was Aphrodite, she was no longer an ascended Atlantean.

    "I am human. You now have my powers. You are the only other God on this planet. You must destroy Doctor Know-It-All."

    She passed out.

    Jay ran over to her while General Shaddow and Lieutenants Mel and Jane appeared.
    They joined General Jay where he was sitting with the woman who they did not know.

    "This is Aphrodite. Yes as in the Greek Goddess of Love. She is an Atlantean. She gave up her powers to make me a God so that I could take down Doctor Know-It-All once and for all. She's now a human and can never become a god herself ever again.
    We must return to Atlantis via this outpost. We need the power cores stored there and the weapons. Only they can truly help me defeat Doctor Know-It-All once and again

    The three new arrivals did not know what to say...
  • (Here it becomes God Of War-ish)
    But General Shaddow had a secret, for he knew what was going on.

    "No, No, No!! It cannot be! It's true.. It's true..."

    Aphrodite said "You have come back"

    "No, I havent"

    "But your father needs you... We need you.... Icare"

    "That is not my name ANYMORE!!"

    "I don't under..."
    Jay stepped in "Wait wait wait! Am I missing something here?"

    "No, you're not. You're looking at Zeus's son Icare"
    "You mean Shad?? You've got to be joking"

    "It is said that [highlight]The lost son of Olympus will return to his place as king of the gods and with the help of an unknown warrior, will overthrow any evil that threatens the peace of the world[/highlight]

    "By that you mean Shad and I must defeat Dr Know-It-All?

    "Yes it was said.."
    "What was said was cr*p and you know it!! I'M NOT ICARE ANYMORE!!"

    "Why does he say he's not Icare anymore?"
    "His father didn't want people to know, so he stripped him of his powers and made him mortal. (Carry on next post)
  • It is said that when he meets a new god, he'll regain his powers."
    "You had to tell him didn't you!?" snapped Shaddow (Icare) "He doesn't need to know! No one does! I hate Olympus"
    "But you have to Icare! The fate of the world rests on your shoulder."

    "Okay Aphrodite, I'll do it" Just then, a bright yellow and white light came from the sky and shot straight into Shaddow's heart... For a whole day, Shaddow was out cold...
    When he woke up.....
  • (Honestly, talk about thinking all high and mighty about yourself. Zeus' son? sheesh :laugh: lol)
    (Crud a long one again. I will try to make this the last one though :( ok?)

    Shaddow saw the others huddled around him, still in the Outpost.

    General Jay, to say he was confused here was an understatement. He was managing to grasp what was happening, when he felt something. He had this strange feeling that someone was coming, almost like an extra sense.
    Aphrodite knew the look on his face, even though she could read his mind, she needn't had because she knew instantly, from the look on his face, what he was thinking...

    "You sense something coming do you not? You sense evil, I can tell. It is not the doctor because you would know instantly, you would sense his Godly powers. If you concentrate though you can sense where on the planet he is right now. Be careful though, if you choose to sense him, he will know who is sensing him, and where you are."

    Jay stood up. He knew that a dozen of Doctor Know-It-All's men were heading towards this continent in fighter jets...

    "OK, there's only one thing we can do here. I've sensed something is wrong here ever since we first arrived. I knew there was something strange when shaddow entered here, but I brushed it off, now I know what it is. However, there is something more going on here. I sense something different about Mel and Jane. And I also sense something different about myself. What is it about us three? We have some kind of connection to the Atlanteans, what is it?"

    "I was hoping you would not be able to sense that. Yes, I must admit it, all three of you are connected to the Atlanteans. Athena had an affair with a human male. This went on for exactly ten years. She became pregnant three different times. It should never have happened, it should never have been possible, yet it happened three times. She gave birth to a daughter. A few years later she gave birth to a son. And a few years later she gave birth to a daughter. Each time the child was given to a family desperate for a child, or in some cases, another child. The eldest of her children was named Jane. Her son was named Jason. And her youngest, her favourite, was name Melinda. It was destined that her children would join together when an evil force threatened the world. They would join up with the true son of Zeus himself. Only through the combined efforts of these Atlantean children would the world be purged of this hatred and evil."

    Mel and Jane were stunned. Shaddow couldn't believe what he was hearing was the truth, but he wasn't overly bothered either way. Jay knew instantly that what he was told was the truth.

    "Then you didn't actually give me your powers did you? You just unlocked mine. I'm now able to unlock Mel's, Jane's and Shaddow's powers aren't I? Also, you're not human are you? Zeus sent you here because he needed these events to happen. He needed you to get us to fully gain and accept our powers, didn't he? You couldn't just tell us could you? What I went through was more or less for nothing, wasn't it?"

    Jay was beginning to show his frustration now. One month, ONE MONTH, he had wasted on those darn trials and he needn't have. He was starting to boil over. He felt pure rage, suddenly a hailstorm erupted inside the room. Stronger and stronger it got. The angrier Jay got the stronger the storm became. He realised what powers were his, the ability to control the seasons and the weather. Basically he was now Mother Nature, or should that be Father Nature? :huh:
    He looked at his three friends, all cowering from the extreme weather he was causing. He began to calm down when he realised what he was doing, and how he was making them feel.
    The calmer he got the more the storm dissipated, until it had finally stopped. He suddenly understood everything. He had the warmest of feelings enter his body. It started from his heart, and radiated around him. Suddenly the room started to get warmer, until it was as warm as a summer evening. A light breeze also appeared just so they didn't get too warm.

    Mel was the first to speak up...

    "OK, I'm not totally sure what's going on here, but I have to admit, that was pretty cool, apart from the er terrifying bit about the storm. It is nice and warm now though. I wonder what powers I have."

    She began to concentrate, but she started to get images in her mind. Suddenly she wanted a can of Dr. Pepper. She thought about that can of Dr. Pepper. All other thoughts disappeared from her head. Suddenly, in midair, directly in front of her face, an object started to appear. It grew from complete nothingness. It grew and grew until, floating in midair, was a can of delicious Dr. Pepper. Everyone was startled by this ability.
    Mel reached out and plucked the can out of the air. She slowly eased the ringpull up, and opened the can of soda. She expected it to explode or disappear, but nothing. She then tilted her head back slightly and with it the can, until the liquid began to exit the can and enter her mouth. She took a mouthful and put her head back forward and the can back to its regular upright position. She moved the liquid around in her mouth for a minute or so until she had got as much taste as she could, then swallowed.

    Jane was the first to ask the question everyone wanted to know the answer to...

    "So? Does it taste like it's meant to taste? Is it a can of Dr. Pepper?"

    Mel stared at her, then a smile crept over her face.

    "It sure is. This is so cool. It's an actual can of Dr. Pepper. I just thought about it. Put all other thoughts out of my mind and it appeared."

    Jay once again caught onto what Mel could do. He turned to Aphrodite once more...

    "She can make inanimate objects appear from nothingness can't she? As long as it is not living, she can think about it and it appears. I'm right aren't I?"

    Aphrodite just smiled again to confirm what he had asked was correct.

    By this time, Jane was getting slightly annoyed. She was more and more confused as to what was going on. She just wished she could get away. Or better yet, that she could just stop time and take a break to try to understand what was going on.

    She wished and wished that she could stop time. She looked at her watch and noticed the second hand was beginning to slow down. "Oh great, now my watch is slowing down. Can anything else happen to me?" she thought to herself. Suddenly the second hand came to a complete stop.
    She looked up and noticed that everybody had stopped talking. In fact they'd stopped moving altogether.
    She moved around them, trying to see why they would stop moving. She didn't like this game. She wished she could make them move.
    She then looked at her watch and the second hand began to slowly move once again. Faster and faster it got until it was moving once again at the correct speed.

    Everyone looked directly at the space where Jane had been, but she was gone. Mel turned and nearly had a heart attack when she saw Jane standing behind Jay.

    "What the...? How did you get there?"

    Everyone turned wondering who Mel was talking to. Jay and Shaddow nearly had a heart attack at the exact same time when they saw Jane had somehow moved from one side of the room to the other in the blink of an eye, or what they thought was a blink of the eye.

    Jay again looked at Aphrodite. This time she said nothing but instead looked directly into the eyes of Jay. She flashed the most obvious smile ever and then broke into a fit of laughter.

    Mel was now super confused...

    "OK, now what is she laughing at? I don't get what's so funny."

    "I do," said Jay. "She's laughing because of what Jane can do. I can't quite pinpoint what her power is though. I've narrowed it down to two. She can either teleport from one place to another in the blink of an eye, or she can stop time itself. Literally stop it so that nothing moves apart from her."

    Aphrodite continued laughing at Jay's first suggestion, but stopped when he made the second. That's when he knew she could indeed control time itself.

    "So let me get this straight. Between myself, Mel and Jane. We can control nature, make anything appear that we want, as long as it isn't alive, and even stop time itself. Now one of those by themselves is amazing, but to have all three working together...That's how we're going to stop Dr. Know-It-All. But what about Shaddow?"

    Aphrodite finally spoke again...

    "Isn't it obvious? He needs to go back to his father. Only Shaddow, or should I say Icare, has the ability to reactivate Atlantis fully. Once all of the cities systems are online, he will be able to fly the city to wherever it is needed. You must all meet him at a designated place and then enter the city. Only by linking yourselves to the city will you be able to activate it's most powerful weapon. The combined ability of nature, summoning, and time will bring about The Holy one. The creature with the purest of souls. The creature that is the only thing capable of destroying the purest of evils. We gave it the codename "Omega" because of its devastating capabilities. We refused to summon it ever, because of its power."

    Jay was really intrigued now, just as the others were...

    "What's his name?"

    Mel and Jane looked at Jay, confused, and spoke together...

    "His name?"

    A smirk appeared across Aphrodite's face. She then spoke his name...

    "His name is...

  • [This was typed using a PC]
    (Whaaaat! I couldn't be left out and way to giving me a lame power :frown:)

    ALEXANDER?!!? They all said at once. If he has immeasurable power then what is it?

    [highlight]It cannot be said while the souls of the 4 chosen ones haven't been truly tought their meaning in the land of the gods---Olympus.[/highlight]

    Jay butted in "Here we go again :rolleyes:"

    "Jay shut up! I'm trying to listen here if you dont mind!" Shouted Jane (One fiesty character you are Jane)
    Aphrodite quickly said "As I was saying before...[highlight]Once they reach Olympus, They will undergo training for their powers..To control them... Only when they have finished, Only when they have finished their training will they be able to save the world in a fight against good and evil...[/highlight]

    Jay said after the lecture "But then, won't it be too late to save the world after our training?"

    "No young one, it won't"

    "How?" Shad, Jane, Jay and Mel said together.

    "The training will start with Jane and her time stopping abilities.. For you see, she doesn't only have the ability to stop time, she can reverse time to go to the past and fast forward time to go to the future. Not only that, she can also take people with her.

    Mel can so far only make small objects and non-livivg things appear. But after her training, she can make any thing, any one and any copy of any thing/one appear no matter where it is or who it is....

    Shaddow's powers cannot be described nor trained because of their power to do extraordinary things that cannot be imagined or dreamt.

    Finaly you Jay, Your powers are like Shaddow's, they cannot be described nor trained because of their power to do extraordinary things that cannot be imagined or dreamt. The only way for you two to gain your powers is to go Olympus and stand on two platforms, two pendants will decsend wear them and go to Atlantis to restore power.. In the room where you'll restore power, there is two markers there, put your pendants there and you'll both recieve extraordinary powers for both your powers are the same...."

    "How can they be the same??? He didin't go through the Challenge Of The Gods like I did. He didn't risk his life to complete the challenges!" Jay shouted

    Aphrodite calmly answered "All will be reavealed when the two of you join.."

    "JOIN??!!" Jay and Shaddow asked at the top of their voices.

    "Ooops, I've said enough.. All will be reavealed at Atlantis''

    "What about Alexander?" Mel and Jane asked for they were getting very irritated with the boys' behavior.

    "Alexander is two gods joined into one to make a powerful being"

    "Wait wait wait! You mean Jay and I, the gods, should join to make this Alexander?"

    "I hoped I wouldnt be the one to tell you.... Yes the two of you should join together to create Alexander.. Please note, it will be painful...
    Please, I need to rest, you 4 should go to Olympus to begin your training, from there Atlantis..

    [highlight]Jane must begin first so that she can stop time and make you lot finish without wasting time![/highlight]

    PS: Next won't be as long as this, I promise ;)
  • All four of them headed for the portal to Atlantis.

    Once again there was a huge, blinding flash of white light.
    Everything went dark.

    Jay then started stirring again...

    "God, this is getting old really fast...My head hurts :("

    Suddenly Jay looked around...

    "Hang on a second...Why am I still at the outpost? And where on Earth is everyone else?"

    [Meanwhile, back at Atlantis...]

    Mel, Jane, and Shaddow began to stir.

    Shaddow spoke first, "God, I'd forgotten how travelling this way felt. Am I the only one ready to throw up almost?"

    Mel quickly added, "Just think how Jay felt though. He had to go through this how many times now? Hey Jay, how many times have you had to go through this now?"

    They all looked around...

    Mel asked again, "Jay? Jay, where are you?"
    Jane then asked, "Jay? Where are you?"
    Shaddow, "Jay, this is so not funny. We've got a job to do here."
    All three then began to shout together, "Jay! JAY! JAAAAAAAAAY!"

    "He is not here."

    Mel was the first to speak up...
    "OK, am I the only one who just heard some guy's voice? Who is it?"

    With a half annoyed tone, Shaddow replied...
    "My father..."

    Zeus appeared and spoke again...
    "He was blocked from entering the portal. He is still back at the Antartica Outpost. Do not try to get back to him, the connection between Atlantis and the outpost has been severed, I do not know why, but that was the final connection between this city and the rest of this planet.
    You must all continue your training, fly this city to Jay, and then join together. Without Jay's training he will not be able to bond with you my son. You must find another way to activate Alexander.

    [Back at the outpost...]

    "OK, what on Earth is going on here? I enter the portal, yet I end up back here. I guess I've got to do something else then. I guess I may as well take out these dozen of the doctors soldiers. At least I can do a bit of my own training. Now, let's see, what shall I try first? I know, a nice quick way to get to them is in order."

    Jay began concentrating.
    Suddenly a gust of wind started to appear around him. It began to completely encircle him. Round and round it went until it began to turn into a mini-tornado. He then headed towards the soldiers like the cartoon character, Tazmanian Devil, moves....

    "Don't go away 'cause here...I...come..."
  • (This is where the story will have to split. I'll do me, and Shaddow and/or Mel and/or Jane will have to do them...)

    Jay continued to move at a very fast speed thanks to the mini-tornado beneath him.
    It was not long before he could see the soldiers jets in the distance. He came to a complete stop, the mini-tornado faded away, and he stood there waiting for them to get close to him.

    The jets began to get locser and closer. They were almost directly overhead when they saw Jay below. By the time the lead soldier saw him, it was already too late.

    Jay concentrated and a huge block of ice shot out from the ground. The soldier had no time to manuevre; he just crashed straight into it.
    The other soldiers managed to escape though.

    Jay concentrated and a massive tornado began. It started sucking the jets towards it. Two jets managed to escape, but the other 9 were destroyed.

    "Well, that's ten down and two to go..," while shouting at the two remaining soldiers in their jets, "Where do you guys think you're going? Don't leave the party, it's just getting interesting!"

    Suddenly Jay began to concentrate again. This time something strange began to happen with him. He began to glow...

    "OK, what on Earth is happening with me now? I really wish I knew what I could do properly."

    Suddenly golden armor began to appear around him. First on his chest and back, then his arms and his legs, his hand and feet; it was like a second skin, a golden skin.
    Suddenly he felt an extreme rage within himself, he began to rise into the air. Up and up he went until he headed towards one of the two soldiers trying to escape in their jets.
    The soldiers looked behind them and they saw what looked like a giant golden dragon.

    One of the soldiers recognised this ancient creature, but thought it only a myth...

    "No, it cannot be, it's...it's...The Golden Dragon. It is Bahamut!"

    As soon as he had mentioned the dragons name, the dragon smashed through his plane head first. The giant golden teeth tore the plane in two. The plane instantly exploded, completely destroying the plane, and with it, the soldier as well.

    This left one remaining soldier.

    This final soldier had seen everything, and heard what the other soldier said over the radio. He did not stick around to find out what would happen to him. The plane was far too far away for Bahamut to reach. However, the Mighty Golden Dragon opened its mouth wide. A glowing golden ball of light began to grow at the entrance of its mouth. Bigger and bigger it got until finally the ball of light erupted forward. Bahamut had use its most devastating attack.

    The golden beam of light headed straight towards the jet and the soldier within it. The soldier tried to get away but he never stood a chance. The beam hit the planes tail and hot straight forward, tearing the plane up from the back until the plane had been completely encased in the beam. The plane blew up, taking the soldier with it.

    The beam of golden light then started to gradually get thinniner and thinner until it had vanished.

    The golden dragon, Bahamut, began to glow. It lowered back to the floor and started to shrink. It then changed back into a human form and Jay once again appeared with the golden armour around him.
    The armour began to vanish, until it had gone.

    Jay collapsed to one knee...

    "What on Earth happened there? I saw everything...
    Was it me? Was that dragon...that Bahamut...me?"

    Jay collapsed forward and blacked out once again, totally exhausted from his newly acquired Dragon form...
  • (OK, technically this should be Shaddow or Mel or Janes bit, but thoguht I'd start it off because we may have to wait quite a while if I don't. We need to get this finished really, then on to Hollywood with it ;) lol).

    [Meanwhile, back at Atlantis...]

    Mel, Jane, and Shaddow were getting into their training when they suddenly sensed something extremely powerful...

    Mel spoke up first, with a shock in her voice...
    "What on Earth was that? It's so powerful"

    Zeus appeared and answered Mel's question...
    "That was The Legendary Golden Dragon, Bahamut. It seems Jay was able to summon it, which surprises me. It seems his instincts took over momentarily, but he cannot yet control his power.
    You must all continue your training. Jay will need to harness his power on his own. If he can do that then perhaps you can join your energy together with him, my son. You both need to combine your powers in order to successfully summon Alexander. His form consists of four parts. Jay represents his soul and you, my son, represent his body. If you both link your powers together that may be enough to defeat the doctor..."

    Jane interrupted...
    "You said it Alexander consists of four parts. You only mentioned two."

    Zeus continued...
    "I was just about to get to that. Yes, it is true that there are four parts to Alexander. We never even attempted to fully create Alexander. Project Omega was terminated long before we even got to the stage of summoning him in his two-part form. We knew of his destructive capabilities in his two-part form, so in no way would we even contemplate daring to summon him in his true form..."

    Mel interrupted this time...
    "But what is his true form, and how do we summon it?"

    Zeus, showing a little bit of frustration from being constantly interrupted, continued...
    "His true form consists of two more parts. These two parts are his Mind and his Heart. Jane, your powers represent his Heart. Mel, your powers represent his Mind. If you both were to channel your energy and add it to the energy channelled by Jay and my son, you would successfully summon Alexander in his true form. Only that form has a 100% chance of defeating Doctor Know-It-All. His two-part form may be enough, but there is no guarantee it will destroy the doctor completely..."

    [Meanwhile, in a forest just inside the Belgian Border...]

    "So, they are trying to summon The Holy One. They will not succeed. I'll go to Atlantis and destroy them before they even get the chance."

    Doctor Know-It-All then floated into the air and headed towards Greece...

    [Meanwhile, back at Antartica...]

    "No...no...noooooo. I won't allow it!"

    Jay's eyes snapped open. He was in a pure state of rage. He would not let the doctor even get anywhere near Atlantis. Suddenly he began to glow again. However, this time he began to glow a deep black. A black deeper than space itself.
    Once again armour began to appear on his body.
    First his chest gained a deep jet black armour, then his back. Then his arms and legs began to be coated in black armour. Finally he gained black armour on his hands and feet. A jet black helmet then appeared on his head.

    He began to grow and grow once more.

    "I am Odin. I will obey my summoner," turning towards the Southern Horizon, "Sleipnir, come to me my faithful horse!"

    Suddenly a gian black stallion appeared. However, this was not any ordinary horse. It had eight legs. It had two sets of front legs, one set just behind the first set, and then sets of back legs, one set behind the other. It was coated in black armour just like its rider, its master, Odin.

    It began charging towards The Black Knight. Just as it seemed like it was about to rush past Odin, he jumped sideways in the air and landed right in the saddle of the horse.

    "Quickly, to Athens. We shall cut the doctor off there."

    Sleipnir began to move. Faster and faster it went until it was a blur, moving along the very winds themselves...
  • and you thought my stuff was confusing this stuffs mental, but very intresting keep it going.
  • I'm also confused sfjp...
  • (this is just for fun)Suddenly,a nuclear bomb was spotted and (you know what happens next!)BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!