What are quistis's limits
  • help any body out dare well i need help on quisties limits well bye thats all i need
  • You dont need to get weapons but items. In your item inventory look at the description for the items at the top they will say give quistis blue magic ultra waves or something like that. For example the item missiles will give quistis the missle attack in her limit break.
  • Ye, Quistis has loads of limit breaks but her best is Mighty Guard. :music:
  • Let me note these things down for you
  • hey thanks peoples if i need any thing else ill add a new post thing well bye
  • how do you get the wisper item
  • Hey Knight...u can get the whisper from the adamantoise... u know, those big-a$$ turtle-lookin' things...:) Long Horn Island which is
  • Yeah beat Adamantoise but he is a very hard enemy!!! :0 To beat him easily cast blind spell on him and then you'll haveno problems!!! :thumbsup: You can even steal his magic!!! Bye :wave: