Ps3 doesnt reconize any cd/dvd/games !?!?!?
  • Ok, I just tried everything possible and still nothing is appening !!!!???

    Let me explain , i was playing cod4 and my ps3 froze while loading for a game of free-for-all , cant stop my ps3 nothing works (ps button , touch button ...) I had no choice but to stop the main power !!! restart the ps3 and now, it doesnt reconize my games, my bluray, my dvd ....... sweet nada !!!!

  • I would suggest going into the System Settings and select "restore default settings". You will see a list of the various items this will revert. If that does not help you may have to go for a complete restoration. This is found in the System Settings as well.
  • That happens to me on COD4.
    I just wait a bit to see if it won't play. After 5-15 minutes I switch It off by gently pushing down the power cord to make it switch off.

    When I switch It off using the main switch it freezes and does that...
    That made me buy a new ps3
  • Didn't Work Lyndon!!!!!

    And Shadow, did you buy a new one or had a replacement ?? Did Sony gave you any hind on what and why ??

    It just piss me off cause im a Playstation fan from their beginning and have all their console , but things are going downhill !!! What kind of problem is that anyway ... switch it off and you have a non-working 700$ machine , hope Sony have good news for me otherwise im screwed .
  • Ok, just got off the phone with custumer service for Ps3 , I'm kind of happy with the way everything went !!! Told him my problem, he gave the good answer " Sorry about the problem sir, we are sending you a shipping box for your ps3 and we will ship you a new one within 3 weeks ". 3 weeks is long but hey who needs a ps3 for christmas and new year eve time anyway.
  • that's exactly what they told me :DSONY ROCKS!!:D
  • They would rock if my PS3 was working ... they are ... well ... ok!!!