Two PS3 connected to wireless rounter cant play same online game
  • We have two ps3 in my house concected via wireless to a rounter, we are playing call of duty 4 but we can not play in the same online game or both play at the same time but in diff game (diff team and map).

    we have no problem playing online but it looks like ps3 network will not let us play at the same time in the same game or on diff game. only one will be let in a game on call of duty 4 and if i invite my flate mate it comes up unable connect to host.

    Any ideas on how we can change our settings or id adress so we can play on the same call duty game online

  • You may have to set up a custom IP address for each system in the router's DHCP settings, matching them up with the MAC address of each PS3. Once that is set up edit the addresses into the PS3 network settings.