the emperor's new groove
  • Has some got cheats for this game or a hint to get past chapter 3 of jungle nights and i dont have a gmaeshark or an exploder
  • Try these:

    All Levels Unlocked:
  • thanks for that but I do not have a gameshark
  • Unfortunately,wiggy,it looks like the only codes and/or cheats around for this one are for the GameShark.If you give a description of where you're having trouble in the level someone should be able to give a few pointers.
  • well okay
    Im stuck on chapter 3 of jungle night and i cant seem to run fast enough to out run the jaguars.:mad:
  • Well whoever reads this can u please tell me how to add another new post because im not getting permission
  • If all you mean is to make a new thread then all you need to do is click on start new thread and make a new one. :thumbsup: