• Okay, here's my situation. I am trying to get Eden from the Ultima Weapon. I have already wasted about 8 hours on this, I keep getting killed by the light pillar attack and those stupid Ruby Dragons.

    I have 3 questions:

    1.Is there any way to keep Ultima's Light Pillar attack do less than 9999?

    2.Is there any way to keep the ruby dragons from doing 9999 with their breath attack?

    3.If you can aura on someone and then use hero on them, will they still have aura on them?
  • ok?
    1. if your invincible (ie.hero or rinoa's invincible moon is the only to keep ultima weapon's light piller from doing 9999 damage
    2.here is what i usually done for those ruby dragons .i put them to sleep with doomtrain then used other gf's to kill them.then they couldnt use their breath attach (which i think has an element in it but not for sure about that).
    3.yes you can aura someone then use hero them and aura will still be there.
    i hope this helps
  • well if it helps I just kept quistis low and kept using her degenerator attack to kill everyone and get down there......Then on ultima I didnt even let him have a chance to do it because all you need to do is doomtrain(slows him and makes him more vulnerable to attacks)
  • Well, what I am trying to use to kill him is Irvine's limit attack, he has about 255 strength and I have plenty of AP ammo, so I think that will do the job.
  • I just beat it for the 3rd time yesterday (Sunday).
  • the Ruby Dragons' Breath attack is a very strong physical attack.
  • Well, I just beat it, I wasn't very high level, so everyone just had their 2nd or 3rd worst weapons. I had a party of Irvine, Squall, and Zell. Zell was the healer so he used recover and revive on Squall. Squall was generally the all around guy, so he didn't get to do much other than hastening and such. Irvine had 255 strength and was very fast and was hurt, so I put hero on him and just kept using his Limit with pulse ammo and killed it, the thing that solved it was generally speeding up Irvine.

    PS: The way I got around the ruby dragons (since I wasn't very high level) was to make Squall use a GF and that GF would block the damage and get killed, but Squall qould live, that worked pretty well.

    Also, I have one more question: Where can you find Marlboros to fight on Disc 4?
  • you can find Malboros on the Island Closest to Heaven and the Island Closest to Hell.
  • Well, that brings up another question.

    If I have Rare Item (The Bahamut ability) equipped, would I need to fight the high level Marlboros to get marlboro tentacles or could I fight the lower level ones and still get tentacles?
  • Malboro Tentacles aren't the rare item.
  • Hey thanks! That should be my last question.
  • Don't bother with the Ultima Weapon.Later on in the game,in Ultemecia's Castle,when you fight the Tiamat,you can draw Eden from it.I still killed the weapons for fun cos I'm just the best.Nah,kidding!! :laugh3:

    P.S I have found that all the GF's you draw from bosses can also be drawn from Ultemecia's servants. :thumbsup:
  • I had my FF7 and FF8 stolen from my house before i moved back with my mum and i was only able to complete them quickly so i need to find out how to get a lot of the things from both games. On FF8 i was unable to get all the GF's i dont know which ones i missed or how to get them.
  • Mkay(Mr.Mackey,South Park)just for you Sapphire,heres a list for you.

  • The first two GFs mentioned are received when you access the computer terminal located at the back of the classroom with Quistis in it. To get the brothers GF then you have to go all the way to right and then fight to get them. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • By the way,In case you haven't sussed it out yet,in the lab,if you walk while the light is on,you will engage in a battle.An easy way to beat the Ruby Dragons is to obtain Tonberry and use his LV.Down command.Answer Bahamuts questions like this

    Our will is not to fight
    The second option
    Scroll below the second option and select the blank space.

    Other info can be found at www.ff8source.com
  • Thank you so much for that list.
  • Oh my god,I killed Kenny.I'm a bas***d!!!Anyway,I don't know if you know this but if you keep visiting Cheryls Shop in Esthar(the one thats always closed)You get a free Rosetta stone.This allows you to do something(can't remember what)but in time,you can learn Vitality+60% and kick the Ultima and Omega weapons a**.

    I love watching South Park it's just so funny :laugh3: [/b]

    Me too Mkay!! :D