Tomb Raider Anniversary (tomb of qualopec)
  • I have reached the central chamber and have dissloged the stone ball that has rolled down thro the floor revealing a wooden support underneath. The rolling ball should have then partially dislloged a hanging stone wiegth on the cieling that Lara can shoot down with her pistols.This however will not happen no matter how I try. PLEASE HELP.
  • You need to make your way to the top of the center doorway to get the range with your pistols.

    You'll find three ledges at the back right corner of the room- use these to safely drop down into the pit. Drag the dislodged pillar to the light colored dirt patch on the left side of the pit (as from the perspective of the entrance to this area). Get on the wood block and make your way back up. Jump onto the top of the pillar and jump to the ledge to your right and pull up. Hop up to the ledge on the left wall and move around the corner and jump to the next ledge. lara should do a diagonal jump automatically. Jump to the next and pull up. Jump to the column beside the doorway with three sealed gates and jump to the top of the doorway.

    From here use the fine aim to shoot the ring holding the weight.
  • Iam extremly grate and will try your solution.
  • Your Solution worked a treat. Many thanks.!!!!