help! lego star wars!
  • Hey! Me and friend are very greatful for this website you have helped us so much! but we have another ? !!! how do you get the red brick for episide new hope mos eschloe spaceport or somethin like that lol we think it is in the double score zone with like the car wash bc my friend she is trying to blow up these levers but nothing is working.. so yeah.. i'm sure you could help us out!! thanks!;)
  • Glad the advice I was able to give helped you out. B)

    Mos Eisley Spaceport's power brick- along the left side of the first road you will see four trash cans. Use the Force on the lids and then on each of the four cans. This will give you a pile of bricks which, when assembled, form a door with an Astromech Droid lock. Use R2 to open the door then step in for the brick. :)
  • thanks! me and my friend did it and we got it! sorry we have another question, where is the red brick in The Rebel Attack chapter? we have been looking like crazzyy and we cant find it!! thanks!
  • In the last section of this level (just after being chased by Vader and co.) in the narrow corridor, go to the back right corner. The brick is hidden in a small niche in the wall.
  • ok, thanks i'll check that