• When is the PS3 going to have an update that will make the main menu accesable from a game without quiting the game? You know like XBOX has. I hate to say it but XBOX has the leg up in that respect. Also why can't multiple people on the same PS3 play online with others, do you have to create multiple user IDs?
  • There are some games that have in-game access to your music now, High Velocity Bowling being one. Sony is still figuring out some of the tricks/ trying to add them without looking like they ripped them off from the 360. Eventually we will have full access to everything including messages without having to quit- honestly though, wouldn't it be a tad annoying if people kept messaging when you are trying to get through the game? I certainly think so.

    As for the multiple players online, no idea on when that will happen (if at all). Currently it is set at one player online per console.