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    Things have started to cool off here at my house finally. I think all the tension really branches from my sister coming home. It's tough to adjust to being at home again after you've lived out on your own, so I imagine she's just not used to the constant prying of parents. She gave me a copy of a book to read which she read for counseling and so far it's all right. It really hasn't said anything that I didn't know already, but oh well.
  • Congrats on the grades Mel!! You deserved them. I know you worked hard. These past few weeks have been hectic for everyone. Do what I do and look forward to the days ahead. It gets me by. Sorry for the short reply. I have my nieces here again and "Uncow Yames" has to entertain.

    James "Nec"
  • Hey Mel, major congratulations on the grading front, glad you did so well, not that I ever doubted you wouldn't of course :) er, I always knew you'd do well (not sure if the last bit made sense so added the extra bit as well).

    Anyway, have you finally got your dads pressie? I'm sure you were going to get it as far back as last weekend. It's funny you, of all people, being disorganised. I'll let you off though as it's christmas, and because it's you of course ;)

    So you're definitely meeting your friend from school then? The invite seemed a bit er harsh to say the least, but suppose you can't totally ignore the person, ay? You're not like that so not surprised you're not going to keep away. :)

    Anyway, hope we speak soon my very good friend,