PS3 Firmware 2.10
  • Has anyone been testing out the new firmware update to see what's new? I already heard that you can now play DivX and Xvids, but today I happened to listen to some music on my PS3 and I discovered that there are new visualizations in the music player. They're pretty cool. I think they're all visuals of Earth with different camera angles, but like I said they're pretty cool. If you don't already know how to get this, just press square once you're in the music player and it will pop up. You should check it out. Also, are any of you having problems playing DivX and WMVs? I could really care less about this added feature although I can't get any of my WMV or DivX files to work and it would be nice if I didn't have to convert them all to MP4.
  • download them at Stage6
    Here's a freebie.....
    GTA IV

    P.S. This isn't illegal
  • Yeah I can't play DivX either, got a few films in that format and even with the new upgrade od firmware the PS3 just ain't having it.... so it's not you buddy...
  • It works on mine :confused:
  • It's because they were made by 3.1.1, the hacked version... The PS3 doesn't support that