A crater on the map... near trabia garden.
  • Selphie goes to visit Trabia Garden and finds it destroid... and then they all remember Matron and the orphanage and stuff... It was in that part of the game that I noticed a big crater on the ground.. I can't go inside but the garden starts to freak out, Nida says it's going "berserk"... what is it?
  • I dont wanna give too much away but that is were the last lunar cry happened and destroyed the city of centra! ;)
  • Dagger's Lover you may tell me everything because I've finished the game twice, before hehehehehhe but just this time I decided to ask what was it... I remember the lunar cry very well ;-) but does the crate have some kind of role or importance on the game?
  • Yes it is significant it signifies the last lunar cry and what the results of it were.....
  • Is this true that every Malboro dies after the Lunar Cry? I didn't find them near the Esthar!! ??? But I fought them only on the ISLAND CLOSEST TO HELL. I hate this place