• Hi,
    Not that clued up on games or games consoles so thats why i'm here. I have both Tombi and Tombi 2 and read on Wikipedia that they weren't ever popular, but are selling for a lot now as they're difficult to get hold of. I've looked on eBay and Amazon and the prices range from £30-£75 (there was also one on eBay the other day for £99.99, not sure if it sold) with some reviews saying that the games are pretty much impossible to find as the company went bust and they got discontinued. Anyone got any idea how much the games are likely to sell for (if at all)? And where they're most likely to sell? Any info would be very helpful :]

  • The source for that Wikipedia bit is off a bit- the games actually fared pretty good review wise. Sales did not reflect that with some looking at the graphics and thinking they were too "kiddie".

    The best place to try selling these would be eBay. I would suggest setting your price somewhere in the range that others are in, maybe £40 or so.
  • thanks for the advice, i'll probably sell tombi 2. Don't think I could bring myself to sell the first one :)