USB ports both broken
  • Can someone tell me how and if I can replace or fix the ports? The bottom one was broken because the metal prongs were bent. The top one worked for a very long time until just recently. Now the only thing I know about the USB that works is the power part of it. It doesn't power the keyboard or anything, the num lock light would usually go on but doesn't work now and it works in my laptop, but... I have a USB replicator, it has a light that shows when it is powered but I guess it doesn't process the input but still gives power? I don't know. If someone could help me... thanks so much. I don't feel like buying a new ps2 :P but if I need to buy the usb ports or something, I'm not entirely sure how that works with the PS2. Thanks.
  • We normally do not recommend doing the servicing yourself in regard to something like this unless you have a firm grasp of doing repairs on to motherboards. In the end it may be easier/ cheaper to just get the new system or find a repair shop locally that can do it for you.

    A Google search on how repairs could be done turned up nothing- you may have little choice in the matter. :(