• Hi! I have a small problem because , I bought the PS2 and a game Monster Hunter , I like playing it but I need some more action and I want play in network , so I need some help :
    1. I have the internet cabel what is going to put into the network hole in PS2
    2. Of course I have legal PS2 and I register it on Internet
    3. I have TV ;p
    Ok , I think its all but I must know only one more thing , did I need Network Access Disc to play on internet? And what I must do to play with other players ? Thank You so much and sorry for my English.
  • Good to know you have the tv- that is a kinda important bit for video games, after all. ;)

    All you have left to do, i think, is to set up a connection on the PS2's memory card. Once you do this (using either the network access disc or going into a game's online mode and selecting "make a new connection") you should be able to get online in games that support it.
  • So I dont need a network access disc? Just put the LAN internet connection to PS2? I make new connection but when I testing PS2 after 2,3 minutes write time left or something like that . I write the IP adress but I dont write the Router adress is it the fault?


    Ok I think its work but only one problem when it autenthicating DNAS its go to 40% and stop -611 error I can said to I dont have a Network Adaptor but it isnt the problem I think because I have slim version and I just put the LAN cabel to the PS2 please help and Thank You so much
  • hi I am regsitering my PS2 for online gaming, but my network access code has gone missing. What should I do
  • Its not good you must phone to Sony and say you dont know where it is and you want new then you must give them your serial number and PS2 model number
  • Borsuk, the 611 error is usually due to the system not getting some of the settings automatically, such as the DNS servers. try putting in as much information as you can manually (router address, DNS servers, subnet mask) and see if this helps.

    Ocelot- Borsuk is right, you'll have to contact your Sony tech support to see about getting a new access code.
  • I give all of this informations , I testing connection and its good but I only dont giving them password and ID but when I give them it then I cant give more information and Test Connecting cant be finished :/ i try some more combinations and I wait for help . Thanks

    OK I write what I am doing from the start and what I have:
    PS2 console slim edition so I dont need Network adapter I think ;p
    Game what is making for me new connection so I dont need Network Access Disc I think ;p
    Internet cabel and its good because Test connection in game said its right
    Of course my TV

    OK and I am trying to connect all is like on the screens :

    1.First I put the internet cabel to the PS2
    2.Next I start the game and go to -
    StartGame/Continue/Go to Town and play online/New Connection/Edit or create new connection. And here is the fun
    I dont give screens of this because its dont needed
    I-Is your PS2 need the ID and Password? [Reguired] [Not Required] when I chose Required I must write the password but on next step I cant write the IP but only DNS adress and it cant find the Internet so we chose Not required .
    II-Then i chose how I want write the IP adress Manual or Auto (of course manual) :
    III-Next step is the DNS adress write Manual or Auto (manual) :
    Primary DNS
    Secondary DNS
    IV-Test The connection finished successfull
    Now I go to the previous menu and I chose my configuration its loading first window (100%)
    V- And crash at (40%) please help I really want to play with other players and meet so much people . Thanks for help
  • Your router address and primary DNS address should not be matching- you should recheck this in the router settings. Also, did you set up that specific IP address for the PS2 in the router settings?

    As for the username/ password, it shouldn't be required. That is for logging into some ISPs that require a log in every time you go online.
  • I dont know what you said ;p sorry I am from Poland
    I call to my internet giver and he said the Router adress and DNS adress must be right.
    What you have on mind saying :
    Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Also, did you set up that specific IP address for the PS2 in the router settings?
  • In most cases the router IP address is NOT the same as the primary DNS server. DNS servers are assigned by your internet provider. You should be able to get the correct numbers by going into your router settings and having a quick look around.

    Most routers have the ability to let you choose what IP address anything wanting to go online through your router gets- this is called DHCP.

    You say you have as your PS2's IP address- what you need to make sure of is the router will give that same address each time. If it doesn't then this will keep your PS2 from going online.
  • :( its no working I dont know how to do that the DNS adress is the same like a router adress and I dont know where I must search :(
  • The addresses may be the same format but in most cases they are not the actual same numbers.

    To find the right numbers you will have to go into your router's settings on the computer. Type in your browser's address bar (or just click the link, it'll work for you) and log into your router. If nothing has been changed there you should only have to type the word admin in the username blank. From there click around until you can see an area that gives you a summary of your settings- you'll see the correct DNS addresses there.
  • OK I call to the man from my internet and he said me what to do , I need MAC adress of the playstation and when I get it then send it to him in 100% I dont know why but mayby he dont good settinged the router and mayby this is the problem . And one more this adres what you give me dont work :/
    Can you tell me how to get the MAC adress from PS2? Thank You
  • You can get your PS2's MAC address by starting it up with no game in and hit the triangle button for System Information. You'll find the address listed among the information there.

    Once he gets this and can set up the custom IP address for your PS2 in the router you should have no problems.
  • And can you tell me why the adress what you given me dont work?
  • To be honest, no. You told me that was your router address and the normal way of accessing router settings is to type the http:// in front of that series of numbers in your web browser's address bar. That link up above should have been a shortcut for you doing that. The only reason i can see it not working is you either had the numbers wrong (doubtful) or you are possibly blocked from accessing that page.
  • I said you this is my router adress , sure and this is my router adress but he set up the custom ip adress but its still doesn't works :( Mayby here is any other method to get the true DNS adress? Ehh why me ;/
  • You should be able to get the actual DNS addresses by simply contacting your internet provider tech support and asking them. Write down the numbers they give you and make sure you get them in exactly as they said in your PS2's connection setting.

    Out of curiosity, what game are you trying to play online? If it is an older title it is possible the problem lies in the online game servers for that game have since been turned off/ switched over to a later version of the game.
  • I'm talking with internet provider but he said the adress what I have is good and must be the same like a router adress :(
    I'm trying Monster Hunter but I think it isn't the problem because if it's later version so why loading stops on DNS?

    I have added the proxy adress but the error only get changed to -626 any ideas?
  • That code translates to an error with the disc data.

    Monster Hunter's online service is being shut down very soon by Capcom (by the end of this year). It may have been done already for your region. You may want to try a more recent game.
  • So the problem is no in the adress but in the game? If yes thank you
  • In all likelihood, yes- the problem is the game's online features may have been turned off in your area. If so there is nothing that can be done other than find another game to try playing online with.
  • Hi , again but mayby there is a method to get acces in my area? I send email to Capcom with a question why this is blocked and can you tell me where you get information about Monster Hunter blocked area?
  • I'm afraid it isn't a matter of it being blocked, Borsuk- they are shutting down the online play for this game world wide. No one will be able to play this one online.