Quick questions...
  • I wanna know is it possible to play a dvd on a normal playstation?
    Can you download ps1 games and play them on your ps1 without upgrades?
  • no ps1 wont play dvds only ps1 games and cd's, ive never heard of a mod to change this.
  • No on both counts, pryman. The PSOne is only equipped with a CD-ROM drive. There's no way to make it play a DVD.

    As for PSOne game downloads, the only ones that are legal are purchases directly from Sony's PlayStation Store (either on the PS3 or the PC- based version) for play on the PlayStation 3 or the PlayStation Portable. Anything else is completely illegal. There is no way to get a downloaded PSOne game to play on a PSone without modifying it. Best start looking around eBay for some of those older titles you want.
  • lyndon what are them muppet things as your picture they look class ?
  • Haven't really kept up with some things, have you? ;) Those are several versions of the sack boy you can make in LittleBigPlanet for the PS3- these are from the initial demo shown off when the game was first introduced in Sony's E3 keynote.
  • oh right , yeh dont really do anything but read gamespot,pro g and download demos just get info from them like, i have no idea how you lot know so much but thank goodness you do.