• on tomb raider/the angel of darkness,i am on the level where you are at the hall of seasons,fighting a spirit in a tomb like area.what exactly am i suppose to do.can this thing be killed?how? thank you stonecold69
  • Brother Obscura, aka The Red Ghost. This particular boss is quite aggravating to fight. There is no way to actually kill it but you can slow him down with bullets.

    The object here is to find and grab the original painting, which should have a blue glow around the statue holding it. Only thing is, you'll notice the glow shifts to another painting when you get close- that is thanks to Red trying to keep it away from you. Stun him using your guns (the V packer seems best) and once he stops moving holster the guns and run as fast as you can towards the right painting. With luck you should be able to get it before he starts moving again. You usually have about 3 seconds before you have to stun him again. You may get an extra few seconds by stunning him as he charges at you. Extra tip- if you crouch when shooting he should be unable to hit you.

    Once you do get the painting leave the rtoom through the door you entered and head downstairs. The place will be filled with water but no worries- after passing the door in front you have finished the level.