PS2 slim Guitar hero 2 & 3 help
  • I have a PS2 slim which plays guitar hero 1 fine, however when I play guitar hero 2 it doesn't recognize the controller until I unplug and replug it. I bought a brand new guitar hero 3, but I can't play it because it doesn't recogize the guitar controller at all, nor does it recognize the memory card. Any suggestions?
  • Activision's support says to disconnect and then reconnect the guitar, just as you had to do with the Guitar Hero II game.

    I would try starting the system without having the guitar and memory card plugged in, then plug them in to see if the game picks them up. This page shows the results of the Activision online tech support for guitar related questions about Guitar Hero 3 on the PS2. If my suggestion doesn't help and nothing else there is of no use you may need to contact them with this.