• What is the easiest way to beat Ultamecia in the very last part of FF8? Also does anybody have the code for the organ that you have to play in order to unlock your junctioning? Thanks
  • set the Battle Speed as low as possible in the Configuration menu.
  • He is right but in that room you can fight omega weapon. if you beat him ultimicia is like killing an ant. So good luck with him and her
  • If you fight Ultimicea like Omega Weapon you should be able to beat her at an amazing pace.

    A good thread is here:
  • If you like long battles and an exiting fight, don't use your aura ;) You will feel like that you deserve the ending :)
  • Squall your right but if you will attack
    Ultimecia and you've encounter omega weapon better use aura. Attacks is very good in defeating ultimecia because it takes a liitle time than the GF's. Having auto haste will enhances your game performances with Ultimecia. but having a low attack will not do. Your attack should be 3,000 and above. Use your holywars if necessary. If you beat omega weapon, dont be afraid to fight Ultima.

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  • here lemme throw my 2 cents in the faster the better if u can keep up with the fastest then do first cast cerberus then doomtrain then have each of ur characters do the following... one casts haste one casts aura and one uses the holy war item... WAIL ON HER AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. she will then pull out her "Ultimate" GF. u can easily dispose of it cast eden and lionheart. oh yes here is a little trick i learned... only equip Rinoa with the ultima spell...when she limit breaks she casts multiple spells and if u only have her equipped with ultima then she will cast ultima 3 or 4 times in a row and she doesnt deplete her stock. always make sure she is in holy war mode cuz if she is downed then u have to use another charater. sux to be u if that happens. the ideal party would be left squall right rinoa and in the middle any of ur choice i like using selphie cuz if u manage to get the end on ultimecias blasted gf then it makes ur life a whole lot easier. then after that holy war should wear off and likewise aura. recast aura and holywar at regular intervals when it wears off. ur battle should only last about 4 mins if u use this process.